Building a Culture of Safe Driving All Year Round

Every year, Operation Safe Driver Week (July 7th-13th) reminds us of the critical role safe commercial vehicles play.  This annual initiative by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) focuses on intensifying traffic safety enforcement across North America. Law enforcement personnel target high-risk behaviors by commercial and passenger vehicle drivers alike, focusing on behaviors like speeding, distracted driving, improper lane changes, and failing to wear seat belts.

At DriverReach, we're dedicated to championing year-round safety and partnering with best-in-class companies that focus exclusively on the transportation industry. But a one-week focus isn't enough. Alongside our partners Embark Safety and Nirvana Insurance, we’ll explore how you can build a lasting culture of safety within your fleet every day, going beyond this concentrated enforcement period. 

Leaders Who Walk the Walk (and Drive the Talk!)

It all starts at the top. When leaders prioritize safe driving and make it clear they're serious about it, it sets the tone for the whole team and the processes that drive day-to-day action and decision-making. We're talking about actively participating in safety initiatives, following all the regulations themselves, and creating an environment where drivers feel comfortable bringing up any safety concerns.

Beyond that, leaders can showcase the positive impact that safe driving has on everyone. This not only benefits the company's bottom line through lower insurance premiums, reduced downtime from accidents, and improved fuel efficiency but also translates directly to driver well-being.

As always, ensure your drivers understand the importance of safe, distraction-free driving and that everyone in your operations works under the mindset that no load is worth the cost of a life,” says Bill Dorfner, Senior Fleet Safety Manager at Nirvana. “Ensure that all drivers understand that all roadside violations count against the company and go on a driver’s PSP regardless of whether a citation or warning was issued.” 


Safer roads mean a healthier and happier workforce, with less stress and a lower risk of injuries.  Furthermore, a strong safety record builds trust with clients and the public, attracting new business opportunities, which can lead to increased stability and growth for the company – a benefit that ultimately benefits drivers through job security.

Empowering Your Drivers to Be Part of the Safety Culture

Insights into safety metrics are just one piece of the puzzle in building a fleet with a safety-first mentality. Comprehensive safety training that goes above and beyond meeting the bare minimum requirements provides drivers with the tools they need to succeed safely. Think programs that tackle specific driving challenges, defensive driving techniques, and the importance of staying alert and refreshed behind the wheel.

Lastly, building a safety culture is all about creating an open and trusting environment. Let your drivers know they can share safety concerns without fear of repercussions. Implement anonymous reporting systems and hold regular safety meetings where everyone feels comfortable speaking up. Don't forget to recognize and celebrate drivers who consistently demonstrate safe behavior – a little appreciation goes a long way in keeping motivation high.

Tech as Your Safety Wingman

Technology can be a powerful ally in your safety mission and can help you build a safety-first culture from the moment a driver applies to their last day on the job. Knowing the connection between safety and the driver's lifecycle is step one in building that tech stack! From streamlined documentation during hiring, to MVR monitoring, to important telematics—the right platforms and technology are out there to help give you a better, clearer picture of your fleet. 

At DriverReach, we're proud to partner with industry leaders like Embark Safety, which provides top-notch safety training programs, and Nirvana Insurance, which offers risk management solutions specifically designed for the trucking industry. Together, we're a winning team dedicated to keeping you and your drivers safe.

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