Clean Up your Driver Recruiting Process with CRM

In the world of CDL driver recruiting, data is everything. Sometimes, however, the way this data is collected, aggregated, and accessed can do more harm than good. The traditional method of tracking driver data in spreadsheets is a gross misuse of resources. Not only does spreadsheet reporting waste precious time, but it also relies on manual data entry. While driver recruiter managers might hope that their recruiters are fail-proof, the reality is that we all make mistakes. And all that’s standing in between a top driver prospect and a new hire could be a small slip-up. 

CDL driver recruiters are following in the footsteps of other teams across a myriad of industries and turning to CRM platforms for automated recruiting processes and data management. While CRM – aka Customer Relationship Management – is most often associated with sales teams, the transition of the HR industry towards a more sales-focused mindset (in which drivers are treated as ‘leads’ and ‘nurtured’ throughout the ‘sales process’) has brought CRM into the collective conversation of recruiters. But thinking about leveraging CRM and actually doing it are two different things, and the only way to ensure long-term success without the spreadsheets is to start off on the right foot with your new CRM solution.

Here are the modern recruiter’s 3-step process for replacing spreadsheets with a high-functioning CRM platform:

Find the right solution for your recruiters
Contrary to popular belief, one size does not fit all when it comes to CRM platforms. While spreadsheets are notorious for manual setup and can quickly become overwhelming, CRM solutions can also cause confusion if they have to be configured to fit unique processes or goals. For CDL recruiters, there are specific workflows and data fields that aren’t ‘standard’ in many CRM solutions. When you’re looking for your new CRM, find one that is built specifically for the needs and use of CDL recruiters. This will save hours of configuration down the road and allow your recruiters to be up and running on your new platform even faster. 

Set up your reporting process
The best part of using a CRM platform is automated data gathering and reporting. After all, the best way to create personal connections with prospective drivers is to use the information you’ve collected to your benefit. Once you’ve decided on a new CRM platform it’s time to set up your reports. While things like contact data and application stage are a given, there are also other things CRMs can track that are a bit more detailed. Recruiters can automatically see when the driver was last contacted, which (if any) email nurture campaigns they’re a part of, and even check in on the status of their paperwork or verifications. It’s also a good idea to leave an open-text field on driver profiles as well so that recruiters can fill in any notes from phone conversations. What’s good about a CRM though, instead of a spreadsheet, is that recruiters can easily aggregate these open-text answers to build a holistic picture of a driver audience.

Train your recruiters
Now comes the fun part: using your new solution. It’s not uncommon for employees to be wary at first of new technology, so getting everyone up and running on (and comfortable with!) your new platform might take some finesse. But with the right training strategy, resources, and messaging, rolling out a CRM can be a breeze. All it really comes down to is that your recruiters know why you’re implementing the new solution and that they understand the day-to-day value it brings. Present your new CRM platform as a tool for them to be successful, give them the education they need to use it the right way, and your recruiters will start seeing results in no time.

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