3 Simple Ways Driver Recruiters Can Increase Conversion Rates

In the world of CDL driver recruiting, every single decision must be made with the driver in mind. Because there is so much competition to attract, hire, and retain the best drivers, recruiters are constantly looking for the ‘next big thing’ to both grab driver attention and increase conversion rates.

As recruiters attempt to break through the noise, it can seem as though content is coming from every direction towards drivers. This is why – instead of increasing the quantity of driver-focused content – recruiters should instead turn to creative ways to increase conversion rates and driver retention. Here are three creative ideas to get you started:

  1. Set up nurture campaigns to stay top-of-mind with drivers
  2. Add a personal element to the recruiting process by setting up conversations between applicants and current drivers
  3. Upgrade your online application process to be more driver friendly

CDL drivers receive a lot of messages from recruiters. The key to standing out in this sea of content is being strategic with your email communications – not sending more emails. Setting up nurture campaigns with a solution like Cadence by DriverReach is a great way to stay top-of-mind with drivers. Recruiters can set up nurture campaigns to trigger off of actions (such as when a driver downloads a resource from your website) or on a predetermined schedule.

Many CDL drivers are looking for a personal, team-driven employment experience, which can be hard to achieve with everyone spread out on the road. Recruiters can think out of the box by setting up one-on-one conversations (or even video calls!) between applicants and tenured drivers to help candidates feel more comfortable with both the company and the work dynamic. By implementing this simple but highly effective step in the process, applicants can ask questions to get to the heart of the driver experience while encouraging camaraderie.

If potential drivers are engaging with your recruitment content and resources but just aren’t converting into new applicants, then you may have an issue with your application process. Upgrading your application process is a great way to stand out from the competition. Make sure it’s easy to find on your website, cut back on unnecessary field options, and optimize the entire process for mobile.

Once recruiters start looking at the driver application and recruitment process through a creative lens, they can truly break through the noise and set themselves apart from the competition.

Ready to put your creative ideas into action? Set up a consultation with a driver reach driver recruitment specialist to see how the industry leading DriverReach recruiting management solution can help your team reach your recruiting goals.

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