Coronavirus (COVID-19) and The Supply Chain: What Should Driver Recruiters Do Now?

Over the course of the past week, the novel strain of the COVID-19 virus has hit the U.S. in full force, driving an incredible wedge into daily life as we know it. There have been unprecedented trickle-down effects from the Coronavirus pandemic outside of the devastating health implications to millions around the world. Industries from hospitality to transportation are being severely impacted, and many manufacturers – unable to ask employees to come to work due to health risks – have shut down operations indefinitely.

The global impact of Coronavirus is just now coming to the surface as countries start to shut their borders to stop the spread of this deadly virus. For CDL drivers, carriers, and other stakeholders in the U.S. supply chain, the uncertainty and panic surrounding Coronavirus messaging can lead many to look around wildly and think ‘what do we do now?’.

Many businesses are grinding to a halt as demand for many items has simply dried up in this. And, with no clear end in sight for this pandemic, the effects of Coronavirus on the global supply chain could be felt for a long time.

Here are a few ways CDL driver recruiters specifically can mitigate the severity of COVID-19’s impact:

  1. Remember – don’t panic! While things might be uncertain, there will always be a need for trucking and shipping across the continental U.S. (the #thankatrucker movement shows just how grateful Americans are to truck drivers who are literally keeping our nation moving forward.) Having a long-term preparedness plan in place can help your team weather the storm and come out with mitigated damage on the other end. Look to industry leaders like Freightwaves and Transport Topics for up-to-date news stories and action plans.
  2. Educate your drivers and implement a company-wide action plan for Coronavirus readiness. The first and foremost focus for your team should be keeping every driver on the roads safe and healthy. This means educating on proper practices for virus prevention and disease risk mitigation. If your office staff can work from home, let them. Work directly with drivers to ensure trucks are sanitized and that they can stay safe, practicing social distancing, during their travels.
  3. Identify areas where cost-cutting and resource allocation might be possible. While now is not the time to wildly start eliminating positions or cutting staff, recognizing the financial implications of this kind of crisis is necessary. Any unnecessary expenditures might need to go on pause until the supply chain rights itself over the coming months. Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for emergency funding or regulations on the Federal or State level.

Simply put, the impact of Coronavirus cannot be overstated. Outside of the potential health impacts, a global pandemic has already started to show real effects on the global supply chain. For U.S.-based carriers and CDL driver recruiters, being prepared and staying on top of next steps can ensure your team makes it through this pandemic and emerges on the other side successful and healthy. 

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