Crack the Code: Unlocking Top Marketing Strategies for CDL Recruitment in 2024

What does it really take to recruit CDL drivers in today’s world? The past few years have felt like a wild rollercoaster, with the pandemic throwing us all for a loop. Now, each quarter seems to bring new challenges for both rookie and seasoned recruiters aiming to keep their fleets robust and hiring numbers strong.


Here at DriverReach, we’re riding this rollercoaster right alongside you. We're constantly fine-tuning our platform to be super helpful and a breeze to use—even when the market feels unpredictable. Our users can't stop raving about how straightforward our tools are and the fantastic support they receive from our team.


"We’re here to guide our users in fine-tuning their approach to really make the most of every lead. It’s not about secret formulas; it’s about setting our users up to succeed and get the best bang for their buck."

- Shannon Bitzan, Manager of Recruitment Services


How DriverReach Puts You in the Driver's Seat

Beyond rolling out the industry’s first full-fledged Contact Management System (CRM) coupled with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), we go the extra mile. Our services range from savvy marketing (Attract), to seamless driver recruitment (Engage), thorough background checks (Verify), and ensuring everything ticks like clockwork (Comply). These offerings aren't just about stepping up your recruiting game—they're about educating, supporting, and partnering with you to sculpt a more robust and resilient industry.


We sat down with Shannon and Jenna, two of our Attract team members, to discuss the latest in recruitment, how to keep drivers happy, the coolest marketing tips, and the general vibe in the industry right now. We’re diving deep into what's really on the minds of carriers these days and the kind of tricks and advice they're looking to share with recruiters eager to elevate their game.


Spotlight on Attract: Supercharging Your Ads for Better Leads

DriverReach Attract CDL Driver Recruiter Marketing and Advertising ServicesWhat’s the deal with Attract? Well, it’s tailor-made for those looking to finesse the dough they’re tossing into advertising and marketing for new driver candidates. It’s perfect for teams ready to snag new leads and start hiring fast—but maybe struggling to nail the right mix of ad placement, wording, spend, and frequency to snag optimal cost-per-lead. When new customers finish their onboarding with DriverReach, they can then have access to DriverReach's Services Suite, one of which focuses specifically on advertising and marketing. 

Shannon, Manager of Recruitment Services here at DriverReach, emphasizes the awesome perks of combining solid onboarding with expert marketing guidance. “Starting strong with good onboarding before diving into marketing really opens up educational benefits,” Shannon explains. She points out that users who fully embrace onboarding tend to wield their marketing budgets more effectively and dodge common pitfalls. “Skipping onboarding and jumping straight into marketing, or bypassing our help and just using the ATS, often leads to missed opportunities.”

Shannon talks about the teamwork between the onboarding crew and marketing aces like Jenna, DriverReach’s Customer Marketing Specialist. “It’s not just that Jenna and I know our marketing chops—though we’d like to think we’re pretty sharp! The real magic bubbles up because we’re all about backing our users from square one.”

This dynamic duo ensures that users know how to use the system and how to deploy strategies that maximize returns. “We’re here to guide our users in fine-tuning their approach to really make the most of every lead. It’s not about secret formulas; it’s about setting our users up to succeed and get the best bang for their buck,” Shannon shares, illustrating the depth of support DriverReach provides.

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Meet the Pros: Jenna and Shannon Share Their Top Marketing Moves

Jenna emphasizes the importance of keeping things simple and direct in recruitment ads. “You’ve got a super short window to grab their attention,” says Jenna. She underscores the need to highlight what’s truly important to drivers—like pay and home time—and to skip less enticing perks like on-site gyms. “Focus on what really matters to them, ensuring the job pays well and fits their lifestyle.”

Shannon recommends tailoring ad copy to suit the platform. “What works on LinkedIn might not make a splash on Facebook. Keep it snappy and on point. On mobile, you get just a quick moment to make an impact.”

Building on Jenna and Shannon’s insights, refining your approach to digital marketing in recruitment can significantly increase your effectiveness:

Leverage Industry-Specific Data: Track which of your job ads get the most applications and which are overlooked. Use this information to tweak your ads, focusing on benefits like sign-on bonuses or flexible schedules that attract more drivers. Test different versions of ads to see what works best and refine your approach based on the results.

Optimize Job Posts for Search Engines: Include common terms that truck drivers use when searching for jobs, like "CDL" or "home daily," to make your job postings more visible on search engines and trucking job boards.

Implement Retargeting Strategies: Use retargeting to keep showing your job ads to people who visited your website but didn't apply. This keeps your jobs top of mind and encourages them to come back and apply if they initially hesitated.

Promote Your Company Culture: Highlight your commitment to driver safety and support. Share stories about your current drivers' experiences and emphasize the respectful, supportive environment your company offers.

Utilize Video Content: Create videos that showcase the daily life of your drivers and the benefits of working with your company. Videos can provide a realistic view of what candidates can expect, making your job offers more attractive.

Ensure Prompt Follow-Ups: Make sure your recruitment team responds quickly to any inquiries and applications. Fast and engaging communication shows you value the drivers' time and can increase the chances they'll choose your company.


Wrapping Up: Drive Success with DriverReach

Jenna and Shannon’s insights underline the full scope of support that DriverReach’s Attract service offers, demonstrating how deeply our services are integrated into crafting successful recruitment strategies. By understanding the driver's perspective and fine-tuning communication for each platform, Attract ensures your investments in recruitment lead to real, tangible results.

Ready to get a partner in your success? We're here for you! Set up a demo to see how DriverReach can support your recruiting, hiring, and compliance needs. 


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