Don't Worry - A Paperless Driver Recruiting Process Doesn't Have To Be Intimidating

The world of CDL driver recruiting isn’t exactly known for its adaptive sensibilities or cutting-edge workflows. In fact, it’s actually notorious for being a late-adopting industry in many regards. So, when many CDL driver recruiters see the terms ‘paperless process’ or ‘tech-first applications’ or ‘digital innovation’, they’re not always the first to celebrate what is often seen as a big leap in the industry.

The DriverReach team is here to say – don’t worry! Transitioning from a ‘traditional’ recruiting process to a paperless, tech-first process doesn’t have to be intimidating. This transition should instead be a time of celebration, innovation, and creativity for all involved. 

Here is an easy-to-follow 5-step process to make this transition process anything but difficult:

  1. Get input from all stakeholders involved. If you’re still not sure whether or not to make this transition, ask your team members what they think. Recruiting, HR, executives, and even drivers should all have a buy-in during your planning sessions. There are unique advantages on all fronts when things like paper applications, unnecessary phone calls, and other outdated processes are no longer involved. Instead, teams can benefit from faster internal workflows, a more secure audit trail, and the ability to get drivers on the road faster. 
  2. Build your new workflows carefully. Every CDL driver recruiting team is not built the same. In fact, most teams do things in different ways to help them stand out from the competition and attract drivers who are unique as they are. So, when it comes to building automated and digital-first workflows, keep in mind what your drivers and your recruiters are looking for. If you’ve gotten feedback from drivers about slow interview processes, add elements into your new workflows that address these gaps. If recruiters are looking to increase efficiency and stop wasting time, try adding in more automation to make their lives easier. 
  3. Train your team effectively. Your tools are only going to be effective if people know how to use them, which is why training and onboarding is such a crucial step. This is especially important for recruiting teams that have been relying on extremely traditional paper-based processes until now. Many times, teams are hesitant and intimidated by these paperless solutions and processes because they just don’t understand them. By taking the time to train your team and get everyone onboarded before you start using your new solution in real-time with drivers, you will show recruiters that their comfort matters. 
  4. Make sure your driver candidates know about your changes. If you’ve made proactive decisions to change your processes for the benefit of your drivers and driver candidates, let the people know! Too many organizations ask for feedback without taking action, so making a tangible change can be seen as a real industry differentiator for your organization. Start using engaging buzzwords in your job postings, on your website, in social posts, and in your actual job description to highlight your new driver-first, digitally-optimized recruiting process. 
  5. Constantly monitor your new process for gaps. As with any corporate process, things might not always go right the first time around. Instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop, proactive recruiting teams can continuously monitor their new digital processes for any signs of red flags. This will also show you where things are going well and allow you to pinpoint your first win. With this data, CDL driver recruiters can show original stakeholders (especially executives and decision-makers) exactly how well these new processes are improving their business. 

Ready to get started? The DriverReach team is on-hand to help you through the transition from traditional to innovative, and we’re ready to start right now. 

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