Driver Recruiters: How to Get Executive Buy-In for Software

Driving executive buy-in for any new investment can be tricky. For CDL driver recruiters, some organizations may still be stuck in the dark ages of driver recruiting where ‘gut feeling’ and ‘connections’ are still the name of the game. For modern CDL driver recruiters – and modern CDL drivers, for that matter – this old school way of thinking just won’t cut it anymore.

Modern CDL driver recruiting is all about the driver, so it makes sense that the process behind recruiting, hiring, and retaining these drivers would be personalized and driver focused. By highlighting how a driver recruiting solution can help put the application focus back on the drivers themselves, recruiting teams can drive executive buy-in and investment.

Here are five ways to drive executive buy-in for driver recruiting software:

  • Get drivers on the road faster

The old school CDL driver application process is notoriously long and difficult to navigate. With a driver recruiting platform, recruiters can reduce abandoned applications, automate the lengthy VOE process, and streamline workflows to get more new drivers on the road faster. 

  • Increase quality of candidates

With so much competition, finding and engaging with the right drivers at the right time can be difficult. A driver recruiting platform makes it easy for recruiters to reach drivers how and when they want, whether it’s through call, text, email, or even video call. 

  • Streamline internal lift without minimizing touchpoints

Many times, drivers fall through the cracks due to the sheer volume of follow ups recruiters have to deal with. With a recruiting software that allows for automated communication, recruiters can set up nurture campaigns and drip programs that allow for new opportunities to stay at the top of a driver’s mind.

  • Deliver a better end-to-end applicant experience

Modern CDL drivers have their pick of carriers to work for, and the recruiting experience has become a key differentiator for many organizations. With the right tools and solutions in place, organizations can use the driver application process to deliver an amazing first impression, deliver a five-star experience, and put more drivers on the road faster. 

  • Track metrics to see what’s working and what isn’t

Metrics and data are a key part of nearly every other modern industry’s success strategy, so why not for CDL driver recruiting? Driver recruiting software automatically tracks key metrics like lead source, time-to-hire, and ad spend to build comprehensive dashboards for everyone in the organization – including executive team members – to understand exactly how recruiting efforts are panning out.

Ready to get started?

If you haven’t already started talking to your executive team about investing in a driver recruiting solution in 2021, now is the time. The competition for new qualified drivers has never been higher, and a dedicated driver recruiting platform can be your team’s key to success. You can learn more here.

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