DriverReach Chats | P. Sean Garney, Vice President, Scopelitis Transportation Consulting

With the trucking industry changing so rapidly – especially during our current pandemic-driven digital transformation – it can be hard to keep up with some of the newer laws, governance decisions, and regulations coming out of Washington.

In the most recent episode of DriverReach Chats, Jeremy Reymer, CEO and Founder of DriverReach, sat down with P. Sean Garney, Vice President of Scopelitis Transportation Consulting, to discuss some of the big decisions being made around a new proposal from FMCSA that would eliminate the annual record of violations that CDL drivers are currently required to complete.

Understanding the issue at hand

While this proposal is something that the industry is anticipating for a while, now is the perfect time to push new regulations through. As it stands, the annual record of violations that drivers are currently required to complete is a basic duplication of the motor vehicle records from state licensing agencies – another document that carriers are also required to obtain on an annual basis. Simply put, these two documents provide administrative duplicate work and are a waste of time and efficiency in the industry, which is why FMCSA is pushing to eliminate the driver violation record.

This is not the first time this regulation has been brought to the table, although it is driving some much-needed conversation with the public. Overall, both Jeremy and Sean feel as though running ENS reports on a frequent basis would be the safer option.

Other regulations being discussed

In addition to the annual record of violation proposals, there was also a recommendation a while back regarding the possible removal of the employment application when hiring a new driver. The purpose of this regulation was to streamline the hiring of new drivers. When the industry weighed in, it was determined that the information available on the application itself was too critical and altogether valuable to the hiring process.

Make your voice heard!

While it may seem like a complicated process, it’s super easy to comment on federal regulation proposals! Just go to, enter the docket number, or you can just search FMCSA Record of Violations. Then, you can easily comment and leave your thoughts on the issue at hand. 

You can watch the entire conversation between Jeremy and Sean here.

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