DriverReach keeps you compliant with updated FCRA Summary of Rights

Last week, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a new model requiring employers to adopt a new version of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Summary of Rights form. This mandate became effective on September 21, 2018. You can access the new model form here.

In summary, this new model ensures employers are compliant under the FCRA relating to applicant rights and national security freezes. If, for example, an employer intends to take action against an applicant because of the results or contents of their background check, there is a lengthy process that must be followed. During this process, the new FCRA Summary of Rights model form must be distributed to all parties involved. If this form is out of date, the employer in question could be at-risk for fines or notices.

The DriverReach platform is fully up-to-date with the new FCRA Summary of Rights, so all DriverReach customers are fully compliant and secure. As a recruiting platform for modern CDL driver recruiters, the DriverReach team works diligently to ensure nothing slips through the cracks – especially something as important as federal compliance.

With DriverReach, CDL driver recruiters can have peace of mind knowing that any new compliance updates, federal regulations, and industry guidelines are inherently included in the software. On top of ensuring drivers stay current and compliant with features like driver qualification (DQ) file updates, expiration alerts, and secure messaging, DriverReach ensures employers and recruiters stay compliant as well. In an industry that is constantly changing and growing in both regulations and technology, CDL driver recruiters must partner with vendors who make it easy for them to succeed and thrive in this new era.


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