DriverReach + Luma: How 2 Trucking Companies Are Already Reaping the Integration Benefits

Just last week, DriverReach announced enhancements to its integration with Luma, a learning and instructional design company, to allow companies to better document and track driver onboarding and training events directly within its modern recruiting and compliance management platform.

Luma helps trucking companies address their training needs in a variety of ways – from entry-level drivers through ongoing safety and health wellness training, as well as employee training. The company also assists carriers with a state-of-the-art LMS that allows drivers to meet with trainers to complete orientation, or attend a safety meeting virtually using an embedded live video conferencing tool, LumaLive. 

DriverReach + Luma

Through a direct API feed integration, DriverReach and Luma communicate seamlessly to ensure all training and onboarding documents migrate smoothly between the two systems with little to no manual effort. There is no integration fee for the direct API feed integration, which is now available to mutual DriverReach and Luma customers. 

Use Cases Prove Partnership Success: Trailiner and Kottke

A recent article by CCJ, Fleets go digital to hire, train drivers remotely during coronavirus, details how transportation companies across the nation had to change their recruiting, onboarding, and training strategies – virtually overnight – as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

How Trailiner Saves Over a Day of In-Person Orientation Per Driver

The CCJ article shares that in late 2019, Trailiner (125 trucks) began using DriverReach for recruiting and compliance management together with Luma’s online learning management system.

Previously, Trailiner would bring its new driver hires to its office in Missouri to fill out employment forms and complete two days of orientation training at the company headquarters.

Now, however, thanks to the integration between the DriverReach and Luma systems, new driver hires are able to use DriverReach to complete the app online. Once the driver is hired, all driver information (such as names, addresses, and license information) is auto-populated within Luma’s LMS. 

New driver hires then receive an orientation packet from Luma, which covers relevant safety, compliance, and orientation topics. Best of all, orientation now only takes about six hours for each new driver hire to complete (compared to the two days of in-person training it used to take!), and they now do this training from their homes. 

How Kottke Trucking Conducts Live Training

The CCJ article also details how Kottke Trucking (225 trucks) has benefitted from the integration. The company has been using Luma for nearly a year, and added DriverReach just one month ago in March 2020 to help streamline the flow of driver recruiting and hiring through orientation.

Now, through the seamless DriverReach and Luma integration, drivers complete a Luma orientation training. Once completed, Kottke schedules a remote orientation training meeting using LumaLive, Luma’s secure video conferencing tool. This training session only lasts about eight hours, helping Kottke expedite the process so drivers can get on the road faster. 

Read more about how these two innovative transportation companies are benefiting from the DriverReach and Luma integration by reading the case study here.

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