DriverReach's 2019 CDL Trucking Predictions Part I: Technology Will Be Essential

Crazy as it may seem, 2019 is already here! While the new year might bring some apprehension around ongoing industry challenges (more on the driver shortage in a minute), it will also bring new opportunities. To prepare for the new year, DriverReach has pulled together a list of predictions and trends that will be big in 2019. First up, technology.

If you thought 2018 was a turning point in the CDL industry when it came to technological advancements, 2019 is going to be even more eye-opening. Nearly every single top concern in 2018 of carriers and drivers alike can be addressed in 2019 with technology. Here are a few specific areas where technology is sure to influence in the months to come:

One of the top issues in 2018 for drivers was truck parking. With the existing driver shortage and the demand for trucks near record highs, there’s increasing pressure on the limited legal truck parking available. To reduce the challenge and ensure adequate parking for all drivers, industry leaders are turning to technology for a solution. If they haven’t already, drivers will soon have to download apps that will help them find available truck parking so they can efficiently plan for breaks during transport. Some also have the option of purchasing a spot so it’s guaranteed upon their arrival. Carriers have certain routes that they need to take since that's where their customers are located.

Yes, the driver shortage is a real issue with a long-term impact. But, in the upcoming months and years, carriers should start taking proactive steps to ensure the recruiting process is modern and driver-focused, unlike years past. This process, of course, is possible with technology. The onslaught of modern recruiting tools such as CRM, Applicant Tracking Systems, and even AI-powered interview chatbots is finally hitting the traditionally-antiquated world of CDL driver recruiting. In order to succeed in 2019 and beyond, CDL driver recruiters must be ready to embrace an improved process or they will be at risk of being overtaken by their competition.

As the driver shortage has become more of an issue, driver retention has skyrocketed as another ongoing trend in the industry. In 2019, carriers must take serious precautions and be proactive about how they retain their current drivers, since the competitive CDL trucking environment means that drivers can pick up and leave for a new carrier at any moment. Instead of relying on a heavily personal application experience and stepping off the throttle once a driver is onboard, carriers can foster long-term driver loyalty with carefully curated social media accounts, regularly scheduled video chats, and bi-weekly driver newsletters. Building a company culture with a purely remote audience isn’t always easy, but it is possible with technology.

Stepping up your technology game in 2019 and beyond
The CDL industry’s reliance on technology is going to become even more pronounced in 2019, and innovative carriers should start taking steps now to ensure they’re on the forefront of these solutions moving forward.

At DriverReach, we’re helping carriers implement modern, driver-focused recruiting solutions across the board. From fostering initial conversations to streamlining the application process to developing long-term retention strategies, DriverReach can help your team survive and thrive in the new tech-first CDL trucking industry. Schedule your personal consultation today!


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