Exactly How Mobile is Changing the CDL Driver Recruiting Playbook

Every so often, an innovation comes along that completely changes the way entire industries do business. While the internet was the first big example of this type of change, mobile is quickly becoming an even more revolutionary addition to the recruiting playbook, especially for CDL driver recruiters. People now rely on their smartphones for literally everything – transportation, banking, shopping, communicating, and more. It only makes sense, then, that mobile technology would transform the recruiting industry as well. 

Here are three ways mobile technology is changing the CDL driver recruiting playbook for the better:

Mobile applications

CDL drivers are on the road for a majority of their workday. They don’t always have access to a computer, printer, or desktop. So why, then, do CDL driver recruiters lean into this type of technology? Instead, recruiters should turn to a mobile-first application experience that is tailor-made for CDL drivers. Having a mobile-first application experience means every single aspect of the application and recruiting process is optimized to make it easy and accessible via mobile. 

Adding an easy link to your application from your website, having a single sign-on process so drivers don’t have to retype their passwords, ensuring that all images and dynamic content loads correctly, and letting drivers digitally sign their applications instead of having to print-and-scan signatures are all examples of mobile-first application experiences. 

Text-based interviews and conversations

Optimizing the application experience for mobile isn’t the only place mobile has transformed the CDL driver recruiting playbook. After an application is submitted, mobile can still play a starring role throughout the interview and recruiting process. Texting has become the overwhelmingly popular option for modern communication, and CDL driver recruiters are starting to follow in the footsteps of other industries to use this channel as a way to engage directly with drivers. 

Texting a driver to confirm the receipt of an application can kick-start an engaging two-way conversation between a recruiter and a driver that can include follow-up questions, scheduling back-and-forth, and more. Additionally, mobile features like video chats are replacing in-person interviews as a better option for on-the-road drivers. CDL drivers are used to a mobile engagement experience in other facets of their lives, so having recruiters leverage texting and mobile technology is a seamless transition. 

Ongoing social engagement 

Mobile technology is even making it easier for CDL driver recruiters to engage and communicate with current drivers once they’re on the road. Even though CDL driving is a thoroughly remote experience, many drivers are still looking for that engaging company culture connection that so many industries celebrate. To deliver this engagement to drivers and increase driver retention, recruiters should work with their marketing and HR teams to create an active social media presence that is easily accessible and targeted to drivers on the road. 

CDL driver recruiters can also schedule ongoing video conferences and meetings with drivers while they’re on the road to keep them engaged with the team and the company. Mobile is a great tool for connecting people, and this is also true for employees who are often traveling. 

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