Get expensive and time-consuming employment verifications off your plate - at no cost

Are employment verification requests for your past drivers weighing you down?

Are you drowning in emails, faxes and phone calls from prospective employers trying to get past work history information from you?

How much is this really costing you in time, energy and resources? If you've ever taken the time to pencil it out, you'd probably be shocked.

When you add it all up, the cost is staggering for most companies.

But let's face it: In our world of CDL driver recruiting, previous employment verifications are a fact of life. They aren't going away.

When recruiting drivers, you're required by the FMCSA to make 3 good-faith efforts over a 30 day period to obtain those verifications...

..and you hope for quick responses.

But when your past drivers are looking for work, other prospective employers hound you with their own verification requests.

Another dreaded task stacked on your growing to-do list.

Work history requests costs your business real money

When we started DriverReach, we knew one of the thorniest problems we needed to help fix was previous employment verifications.

They are just too difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

They need to be easy, quick and cheap...maybe even FREE.

Or, here's a CRAZY thought: Why not make them a profit-center for your company instead?


Introducing VOE Plus

As a DriverReach member, you now have access to powerful tools that minimize the time and effort needed to handle previous employment requests.

And get this:

We're even experimenting with a system where YOU GET PAID when other companies request your previous driver work histories!

More on that later...

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter the past work history for all of your previous drivers. You can do this one by one, or as a batch import.
  2. When other companies request work history for your drivers, simply direct them to the DriverReach VOE Plus portal at
  3. The company looks up the driver then purchases and downloads the desired employment records, all in a matter of minutes.

That's really all there is to it!

One important difference...

Now, you might be saying to yourself, "Yes, there are many companies that already do this."

And you would be right!

However, there's one MAJOR difference between us and them:

Those companies slap you with hefty upfront charges and/or recurring fees to store and manage your CDL work history records.

They then turn around and sell your records to prospective employers...profiting even more off YOUR data!

And you're paying for the privilege. That's just bananas!

Using our VOE Plus system doesn't cost you a dime.

True, it will take some time and effort to get your past driver records into the system... there is a time cost to consider.

But, you only need to do that once.

Then, it only needs to be updated as drivers leave your company...and it literally takes only a quick minute or two to complete each work history record.

That small effort pales in comparison to manually responding to each separate request, all day long, each and every day.

Ugh...who wants to do that?

What will you do with the hours you save?

You see, once you enter a driver's work history in DriverReach, that record is available ANY TIME in the VOE Plus system for prospective employers - with absolutely no effort, time or cost on your part.

Just think of the hours you'll save not having to sift through those email requests, organize the faxes, take the phone calls and grind through those requests every day?

And that's not even the best part!

As mentioned earlier, we're trying out a credit sharing system that actually PAYS YOU when other companies purchase your work history records through VOE Plus.

That's right! When a company purchases one of your past driver's work history reports through VOE Plus, you earn a credit for the purchase.

So what is now a dreadful, costly and time-sucking chore, now becomes a 24/7 automated profit generator for your company.

Details on how to be considered for credit sharing offer are further down this article, so keep reading.

How it works

Now, you're probably wondering how this all works, so let's take a closer look at each of the 3 steps.

STEP 1: Enter past driver work history

From your Dashboard, select the Driver history option from the left navigation menu.

Driver history

Enter the Social Security Number of the driver.

If the driver does not have a DriverReach application in the system, a message will appear and you can press the Add new driver applicant button to enter a new driver.

Add new applicant

If the driver already has a DriverReach application in the system, the driver details will appear.

Add new employment record

In either case, press the Add new employment record button to enter work history information like dates of employment, types of vehicles operated, etc.

At the bottom of the form, enter your contact details and then press Save.

The record is saved and is now available to prospective employers.

If your past driver work history is in a spreadsheet, it's likely that we can quickly import it into the VOE Plus system, saving you the effort of manually entering each record. We'll even do this for free! Simply contact us to discuss the details.

STEP 2: Direct employers to the DriverReach VOE Plus portal.

When prospective employers call, fax or email you with their employment verification requests, now you can simply direct them to the DriverReach VOE Plus portal.

The VOE Plus web address is

VOE Plus web page

There are several ways you can direct prospective employers to the VOE Plus portal:

  • Fax an instruction sheet back to the requestor with their original fax (We created one for you - Download PDF)
  • Email instructions back to the requestor (Here's a sample you can cut and paste into your email - Download text file)
  • Place a message and link to VOE Plus on your company website (Sample message and link here - Download PDF)
  • Mention VOE Plus and the web link in your company's phone system hold announcements or as a phone tree option
  • Add a brief message and link to VOE Plus in a prominent position on your company Facebook and LinkedIn pages
  • Instruct your company receptionists and other call takers to direct employment verification requests to "" in their web browser

STEP 3: Prospective employers purchase your work history records

Companies can now search the VOE Plus database by SSN at

Search work history

If records are found, a message appears and prompts them to log in or sign up for an account in order to access the records.

Work history preview

Once they are inside their account, they can choose which records to purchase and continue to checkout.

Records cost just $5

Prospective employers pay just $5 for each employment record, plus an additional $2 if they want drug and alcohol information included.

NOTE: A driver authorization form must be uploaded and approved by DriverReach in order to obtain drug and alcohol information for the driver.

Once purchased, the reports are available for download as PDF files and also sent to the requestor's email address.

Are you ready to say goodbye to verification headaches?

We've covered a lot here, but it all boils down to one simple fact:

You no longer need to struggle with employment verifications!

There's really no easier, better and profitable(!) way to manage your previous employment verification requests.

It's all ready for you to enjoy right now.

If you're a current DriverReach member, start entering your driver work history right away - just click the Driver history link in your left navigation menu...

...or contact us about using our batch import process.

And if you're new to DriverReach, simply sign up for free to get started. You get access to all the features of DriverReach, including the VOE Plus service.

Here's an important point, so don't skip this:

Even if you choose not to upgrade after your free 30-day trial of DriverReach, you still have full access to VOE Plus to enter your driver history records and direct other companies to the VOE Plus portal...taking all the hassle and manual effort of responding to VOE requests off your plate.

So don't wait, get started today and stop the endless cycle of manually responding to verification requests.

Got any questions about DriverReach VOE Plus? We'll answer them in the comments.

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