Getting Back to the Basics of Driver Recruiting

2020 introduced some big challenges in the world of CDL driver recruiting. The driver shortage is more critical than ever, and changing supply and demand needs across the country have left many fleets and drivers just sitting around waiting. While the world of commercial trucking may be changing, the way CDL driver recruiters do business is rising to the challenge.

While driver recruiters are looking for new ways to adapt and succeed during these unprecedented times, there are plenty of tools, solutions, and strategies out there to help them do it. But it’s important to remember that driver recruiting is, and always should be, a driver-centric process. Make sure your team has the foundational basics of driver recruiting down so that you can deliver amazing recruiting experiences during these interesting times.

Here are four basic principles of CDL driver recruiting to keep in mind:

  • Find and attract top driver talent: 

First and foremost, driver recruiters are looking for the best possible talent to apply to open positions. This means engaging qualified drivers when and where they are most open to an interaction. Take a step back from your recruiting process and analyze where your most qualified applicants are coming from, and then double-down on these channels.

  • Deliver a driver-focused recruiting process: 

As a driver recruiter do you know how drivers themselves are experiencing your application and recruiting process? From offering a mobile-optimized application to following up with video interviews and conversations, make sure you’re taking the driver experience into account every step of the way.

  • Streamline and automate where possible: 

With so much competition in the industry, getting new drivers on the road fast is a foundational priority for any recruiting. Instead of dragging out tedious verification and confirmation processes, recruiters need to rely on technology to streamline and automate where possible to speed up these otherwise cumbersome processes.

  • Leverage metrics and KPIs to continue to optimize: 

Making data-backed strategic decisions is a basic principle across multiple industries, and it is key for CDL driver recruiters to succeed in these changing times. Understanding where your team is excelling and where improvements need to be made can help shape your recruiting strategy moving forward.

Get back to the basics of driver recruiting

Taking a step back to focus on the foundational basics of driver recruiting does not mean getting rid of the technology your team is using to succeed. Instead, your team should look to cohesively meld human engagement with digital innovation. 

With DriverReach, CDL driver recruiting teams have access to modern recruiting management tools to help recruiters excel at the basic building blocks of recruiting while innovating to keep up with changing times. You can learn more about DriverReach here.

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