How Driver-Centric is Your Recruiting Process? 3 Important Questions to Ask.

Modern CDL driver recruiters are at a very important crossroads. The driver shortage is worse than it’s ever been (even worse than it was in 2018!), due in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the Clearinghouse, which on its own has removed 35,000 drivers… so far.

Moving forward, CDL driver recruiters can either carry on the same way as before, relying on traditional processes and workflows or they can take a driver-centric approach to reach new, engaged audiences despite these ongoing hurdles.

What does it mean to be ‘driver-centric’?

For too long, the CDL driver recruiting process has been stuck in a stalemate. Old-school processes influenced by gut feelings and a ‘this is how we’ve always done it’ attitude gave the entire industry an air of being stuck in the past. Over the past few years, however, a new generation of drivers have hit the roads who are looking for something different from their recruiters and carriers.

Modern, driver-first recruiting means making it easy for drivers to engage and communicate with your team at every step of the application, interview, and onboarding process. Plus, driver-centric recruiting doesn’t stop once a driver is on the road – retention is just as important as recruiting, especially during these uncertain times when the driver shortage is still a very real challenge for many carriers.

Is your recruiting process driver-centric?

Although it’s hard to admit when your processes are stuck in the past, taking stock of how your recruiting team is currently doing is the first step in implementing a driver-centric recruiting process.

Here are three questions to ask now to determine whether or not your recruiting process is driver-centric:

  • Is every step of your recruiting process implemented with the driver in mind? 

A driver-centric recruiting process means that every single part of the process – from the way a driver finds your online application to the moment they hit the road for the first time – is completely optimized for the modern CDL driver. Some examples include implementing an e-signature feature to make it easy to submit applications online, adding in multi-channel communication such as texting and video chat for interviews, and leveraging online solutions for VOE and Clearinghouse verification to move drivers through the application process faster. 

  • Would your current drivers refer you to other prospective drivers? 

Your current drivers are the number one biggest recruiting tool your team has in its arsenal, so if you’re wondering how driver-centric your processes are, there is no better place to turn. Talking to drivers and asking for feedback can also give you good insights into ways to improve your processes and make them more driver centric. It’s important to remember that driver recruiting is constantly evolving, and your processes should too. 

  • Do your recruiters have the tools and resources they need to make driver-focused decisions?

CDL driver recruiters are on the front lines of this modern driver recruiting experience, and they need the right tools, resources, and insight to make decisions and move drivers through the process. Having the ability to easily follow-up with an applicant, to set up nurture programs for constant driver engagement, and to track metrics for better decision making can ensure that your team’s processes are only becoming more driver centric down the road.

Whether your team is looking for new ways to be more driver-centric or if you want to learn more about driver-centric recruiting best practices, the team at DriverReach can help. You can learn more about our modern, driver-first approach to CDL driver recruiting here.

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