How Personal Is Your Driver Applicant Experience? 3 Questions You Need to Ask:

Job applications are known for being a few things. They’re often long, tedious, repetitive, and don’t leave much room for personal preferences. Most recruiting processes, regardless of industry, operate this way. The recruiting process is inherently structured for repetition, which means that there has been little room for personalization or customization – until now. Modern CDL drivers are just that – modern job applicants. They expect a seamless applicant experience that prioritizes communication, transparency, and personalization above all else. Recruiters can no longer wait for applications to come in, follow up with a phone call a few days or even weeks later and expect for applicants to want to work with them. This is even more apparent when trying to forge long-term relationships with drivers. CDL drivers may be on the road a majority of the time, but they are still looking for a company culture that makes them feel at home and valued. 

If you’re wondering how personalized your driver applicant experience is, you’re not alone. Many CDL driver recruiters are so used to their current processes and procedures that they don’t even realize how one-sided their recruiting practices actually are. 

Here are a few questions to ask of your current driver applicant experience to know for sure:

  1. Can we pinpoint exactly where an applicant is at in the recruiting process?

Let’s get this out there – all CDL driver applicants are different. This means that they all have different questions, different concerns, and that they move at different paces through the applicant process. Every single recruiter on your team that answers a phone or reaches out to an applicant should be able to identify exactly where the driver is in the recruiting process, what questions they’ve asked, how many conversations they’ve had, and other important details. Having access to this data can help every recruiter deliver a personalized applicant experience.

         2. Does every applicant have the option to choose what communication channels they prefer?

In today’s age of CDL driver recruiting, we’ve moved past relying solely on emails and phone calls to communicate with applicants. In fact, these channels are often considered dated and slow in the fast-moving modern applicant experience. Instead, more and more recruiters are giving drivers the option to choose their preferred communication channel. This adds an element of personalization to the process that goes beyond simply saying you prefer texts over email. Even providing drivers with this choice means that recruiters respect their needs, their time, and the effort that they’re putting into this process.

         3. Is the recruitment process set up for long-term retention right out of the gate?

Last, but certainly not least, CDL driver recruiting doesn’t end when a driver is hired. Driver recruitment is an ongoing process that results in long-term driver retention. The best way to proactively get drivers in the right position for long-term success is to start showing them value early on – not the other way around. CDL driver recruiters and carriers must constantly be trying to prove themselves to drivers to ensure they are happy, satisfied, and content with the decision they made. 

Providing personalized attention (aka consistent check-ins, birthday cards, social media engagement, etc.) helps show drivers that they aren’t just another number in your fleet, they’re a person who helps your organization be more successful every single day.

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