How to Convert More Calls to Completed DOT Applications Using Mobile Technology

At some point, our collective culture made up its mind and agreed on a single thing: mobile is the movement of the future. It’s become all about our smartphones. Today’s consumers can literally do it all from their phones: pay bills, order food, check in with friends and family, and even order groceries. This also means that finding, applying, and landing a new job should also be done easily via smartphone.

For more progressive industries, this is a pretty well-paved road. Think of recruiting platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed – they all have mobile apps designed specifically for applicants and recruiters alike to work more efficiently. In the CDL world, it’s a little less cut-and-dry. Because there is so much competition, driver recruiters need to be able to treat every single lead and applicant as a top priority. And, because there are so many other things to be done in a day, drivers need an easy, streamlined application that is specific to the CDL driving job at hand.

This is where smartphone apps and mobile-first applications can come into play. An easy, driver-focused application process can make life easier for both recruiters and drivers. But for recruiters, mobile apps also have another benefit.

Convert more calls to leads with mobile applications
It’s actually possible to convert more calls to completed DOT applications via mobile apps, regardless of whether they’re inbound calls or outbound calls. Here is a breakdown of how to get more drivers to fill out mobile apps:

Inbound calls are gold in the eyes of CDL driver recruiters. These are drivers literally reaching out to your team for more information about your company, the position, and other details. While you probably already have the basics down (don’t let the calls go to voicemail, etc.) there are other ways you can use mobile to your advantage. Think about how your drivers are calling you. They’re most likely calling via a mobile device anyway, so your recruiting team has no reason not to fill out the application right then and there while the driver is still on the phone. Then all that’s left for them is to review the application and sign it.

This is a best practice for all recruiters to take into account, regardless if leads are calling from a mobile phone or not. Try to keep your leads on the phone for as long as possible and walk them through the entire application process or complete it for them (as mentioned above) to ensure maximum conversion. You can even offer to text drivers more details or links to the actual application for even more engagement.

Outbound calls are an integral part of a CDL recruiter’s repertoire, even though the success rate might fluctuate wildly between one call and the next. If you’re going through a list of leads calling each one to chat about your organization and the opportunity available, be ready to go all the way. Don’t stop at just answering the questions that come in. Ask your own questions, dig in a little bit, and direct the conversation to a singular outcome: a completed application.   

One way to ensure your application is completed in the moment is to call your leads directly on their mobile device. Make sure your CRM and applicant tracking system are both updated with the newest contact details available. For outbound calls, try a multi-channel approach to ensure a completed application. While talking to your lead, send an email with a link to the application, or a text with more details. Use multiple channels to maximize the chance of conversion.

Hire more drivers with DriverReach
The DriverReach mobile application was developed specifically to help recruiters attract, engage, and hire more drivers. In this modern climate, this means ensuring your application process gets drivers from one point to the next in the most efficient and seamless way possible. With a DOT mobile app from DriverReach, your team can get more drivers to complete and submit applications from their smartphones. After all, more applications equals more drivers, which equals more trucks on the road.

You can learn more about how a mobile app can help you drive more completed applications by requesting a free consultation with a DriverReach specialist here.


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