Introducing Cadence by DriverReach - Automated Drip Marketing Campaigns to Hire Drivers Faster

At DriverReach, we’re on a mission to help driver recruiters convert leads, hire faster, build relationships, and last but certainly not least, be more productive!

That means we’re constantly researching and developing new features that will improve the way you recruit CDL drivers. Over the last few months, our team has been hard at work raising the bar to bring you one such new innovation to DriverReach’s modern Driver Recruiting and Compliance Management System: Cadence, automated nurture marketing campaigns to help you Hire. Better. Faster. 

Cadence is now available within the DriverReach platform as an a la carte option that can be included in any tier. With Cadence, you can immediately create seamless, automated drip marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. 


Building a Cadence nurture marketing campaign is as easy as 3-steps: 

  1. Create the criteria for the Cadence campaign, use the campaign builder to select the email templates you’d like to include as well as the timing of each email, and manage recipients of the campaign. 
  2. Automatically add new driver candidates to an existing Cadence campaign as they apply. 
  3. View real-time data to see which emails each driver has received and which are helping to convert the most candidates into drivers. 

Cadence by DriverReach is truly a game-changer. Build your brand and remain top-of-mind through effective nurturing campaigns. Prevent qualified candidates from slipping through the cracks!

Here’s what one of our customers, April Ray, CMO, Contracted Driver Services, shared with us: 

“DriverReach’s Cadence drip marketing campaign functionality makes sure that we effectively communicate with drivers, so no driver is left behind. We have used the automation of drip campaigns and auto-responders to guide drivers through a self service hiring process. Since implementing Cadence, our recruiters are able to effectively use their time to help the drivers that need it most." 

If you’re interested in learning more about DriverReach’s Cadence nurture marketing campaigns feature or more about DriverReach’s Recruiting and Compliance Management System, request your free, no-strings attached test drive to see the platform in action. 

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Interested in seeing DriverReach’s modern Recruiting and Compliance Management System in action? Take a Test Drive!


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