Introducing DriverReach’s Comprehensive E-Doc Solution

One of the reasons why modern CDL driver recruiting has attracted a stigma of tedious, manual processes and procedures is because of the sheer number of documents required. From initial application submission to email correspondence with applicants to the pile of compliance and background documents required, CDL driver recruiters are faced with quite the stack of driver-related documents at the end of the day.

DriverReach, already the leader in modern CDL driver recruiting technology, recognized this looming issue facing recruiters as well as driver candidates. This is why we’re happy to announce our newest product offering, a comprehensive electronic documentation solution

Over the next couple months, DriverReach will be announcing new features and functionality to make it easier for CDL driver recruiters to create, share, edit, and manage content.

 Get the E-Docs Overview

Here is a sneak peek at some of the functionality you’ll find with the DriverReach E-Doc Solution:


  • Create your own electronic documents with variable fields
  • Preview documents before they’re sent to drivers
  • Simple text or send email capabilities
  • Customizable organization and storage preferences


  • Upload and manage existing driver documentation such as compliance forms
  • Insert new fields or edit existing fields in uploads
  • Improve the driver application and retention experience with your current accounts


  • A newly designed user interface to make creating and sharing documents even easier
  • New fields specifically designed for CDL driver recruiters:
    • E-signatures
    • Counter signatures
    • Custom data fields
    • Free text boxes and checkboxes
    • Radio buttons when necessary
  • Mobile experience improvements for on-the-go driver engagement

Bulk Actions

  • Send electronic documents in bulk to multiple recipients
  • A resource hub for drivers to access all of their signed documents in a single place
  • Status updates for each document for every driver
  • Draft documents that can be saved and edited before deployment


  • Automation functionality across the entire E-Doc Solution
  • Documents will automatically be sent to drivers based on status or stage
  • Recommendations and prompts for recruiters

The E-Doc Solution is designed to deliver a streamlined and efficient recruiting experience for drivers and recruiters alike. Want to see more? You can see the DriverReach E-Doc Solution in action NOW. Schedule a live demo here or call 800-791-0461 today!

See E-Docs in Action

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