Is Your Driver Career Page a Recruiting Magnet?

For CDL driver recruiters, it can seem as though every day there is a new product or tool on the market claiming to bring in new applications or increase retention rates. While some of these may actually work, they’re no match for turning the eye inward on the tools you already have.

One of the strongest recruiting tools in your arsenal is something you’ve been using for ages and, luckily enough, is free (at least in the basic sense). It’s your Career page, housed on your very own website.

When it comes to optimizing websites for job seekers, the trucking industry is notoriously behind the times. While basic iframe mockups could pass a few years ago, today’s drivers are looking to work for a company that is on the top of its game. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and invest in all-new software – all you have to do is update a few fields on your website. As you work to turn your Career page into a recruiting magnet, keep the following focus areas in mind:

Homepage navigation: Simply put, drivers should know how to get to your application page as soon as they arrive on your homepage. Always include a Careers tab in your top navigation bar, and don’t be shy about promoting it throughout the homepage. Ideally, a stand-out CTA button reading ‘Apply Now’ should be front and center.

Interactive content: While traditional CDL recruiting methods relied heavily on drivers simply knowing about the industry before they applied, today’s recruiters are all about education and content. Leverage AI chatbots to help answer questions, record videos of driver stories to feature on your site and include forms directly on the website for more information. Interactive content helps engage drivers so they are drawn to fill out an application.  

Job descriptions: While you may be thinking that all job descriptions are the same in CDL driving, there are some ways to make your Careers page stick out from the crowd. First, talk extensively about the benefits and perks of driving for your organization, such as home time expectations, safe driving bonuses, etc. Also, rely heavily on SEO in your descriptions. Do your due diligence and know exactly what your candidates are searching on Google so that you can render high on the results page.

Page layout: On your Career page itself, don’t just have a bleak paragraph or two explaining the role. Spice it up with different content blocks (i.e. featured videos, blogs, and driver stories) and images. Have different tabs for company culture, benefits, and other related items. Include a form for more information as well as an additional CTA button to speak directly with a recruiter.

Application length: Did you know that 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of filling out an application because it’s too complex? If you’re housing your applications directly on your website, you need to slim it down majorly. This is usually done through an applicant tracking system since the fields are mapped between the form and your solution on the backend. Find an innovative partner that can help you trim the fat from your application process.

Since most CDL organization Career pages are targeting CDL drivers, you might not need to worry too much about diversifying your page’s content, but this doesn’t mean that your page isn’t doing its job. 61% of job seekers do research on a company’s site before applying, which means your entire website is as influential as your Career page.

At DriverReach, we’re helping CDL driver recruiting teams optimize internal processes, modernize applicant engagement, and deliver amazing driver experiences. If you’re ready to take your driver recruiting to the next level, it’s time to take your Career page to the next level. Talk to one of our recruiting experts today to see how DriverReach solutions can help you. Schedule a call here.


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