It's Time for CDL Driver Recruiters to Double Down on the Mobile Experience

CDL driver recruiters are constantly looking for new ways to attract driver candidates and deliver a personalized application experience from the very first interaction. This means turning to new technologies and innovations that can deliver this experience while also streamlining operations on the back end. CDL driver recruiters are turning to social media, mobile technology, and easy applications to kick-start this process. Now, more than ever, drivers expect a superior mobile experience, which means utilizing mobile technology is a best practice for communicating with and engaging candidates throughout the recruitment process. 

76% of Job Applicants Expect a Mobile Experience

According to a new study from the MRINetwork, 76% of job applicants expect a mobile experience during the recruitment process. This means that CDL drivers are actively looking for a mobile-first recruiting experience. Organizations that can’t or aren’t delivering this option are starting to lose candidates, which can also take a toll on their industry reputation. 

One of the biggest issues is that many recruiters have simply lost touch with what applicants are looking for. Online applications, while a big step forward for recruiting in general, still aren’t accurately pulling information from PDF resumes, resulting in a ton of manual entry. Websites are still not optimized for mobile, which can turn drivers away immediately. 

For CDL recruiters, understanding your applicant audience is even more critical. Drivers are on the road a majority of the time, which means they might not have ready access to a computer. without a mobile option, recruiters might not even be able to get through to drivers at all, resulting in a huge missed opportunity. 

Personalization and Engagement are Key for Recruiters

In addition to delivering this mobile experience, the MRINetwork study uncovered a few other industry trends which CDL recruiters should take note of, including candidate’s growing need for personalized engagement and follow-up. Even though candidates are applying online or via mobile, they are still looking for a real person to follow up on their interest. And, as more organizations are starting to outsource recruiting operations, being able to talk to someone who understands the position and the industry is important to candidates. For CDL recruiters, this means being able to talk the same language as drivers. Industry knowledge is a must, which means that CDL driver recruiters must stay on top of both recruiting trends and CDL industry trends to be successful. 

The Recruiting Landscape of 2019 and Beyond

So, what can CDL driver recruiters do with this information? Moving into the end of 2019 and beyond, the recruiting landscape will be focused on merging a mobile-first recruiting experience with the personalized communication and engagement drivers crave. It’s about delivering driver-first solutions where and how drivers want them the most. It’s about creating an application process that focuses on the most important factors – without leaving anything out. 

There is a lot to juggle in the modern CDL recruiting process, but that is what makes solutions like DriverReach so critical. From building a mobile recruiting workflow to tracking applicants throughout the entire applicant lifecycle to easily following up with candidates, DriverReach makes it easy for recruiters to deliver the engagement experience driver candidates are looking for.

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