Key Learnings From 2021 – and What's In Store For 2022

If we thought that, just maybe, 2021 would bring respite after 2020, the reality was more the opposite. While the world continues to open up and people are starting to emerge from their homes, the impact of the last 18 months on the trucking and logistics world is still showing in the day-to-day efforts of CDL drivers and driver recruiters.

However, one silver lining from this year is that with the transportation industry in the spotlight more than ever before, more people – drivers, carriers, lawmakers, and more – are aware of the challenges and opportunities in the industry. Potential drivers are aware of the available job opportunities, recruiters have a better grasp on the messaging of the time, and innovative organizations are working to fill the gaps in the industry with innovative, best-in-class tech solutions.

Here are some key takeaways from the past year in the trucking industry:

  • The supply chain isn’t done with making headlines, especially as we head into the busy holiday season. Shipping delays, driver shortages, and rising costs are throwing a wrench in the global supply chain, which is finally trickling down and impacting consumers.
  • Technology – from applicant tracking systems to CRMs to in-cab devices – is now a must-have across the industry. As pioneers of this tech-driven movement, DriverReach is excited to be part of this expansive growth and continued innovation.
  • Drivers are more discerning than ever before, which means that recruiters have to be more creative and resourceful to attract and recruit this new pool of applicants. Start from the beginning – how are drivers hearing about your organization – and work through the entire application and recruiting process to ensure every single touchpoint is driver-focused.
  • Short-haul and local routes are becoming much more popular than long-haul, multi-state routes as drivers focus on being close to home and closer to their families. This may require some re-structuring of routes and hiring processes for recruiters, but by showing that you’re listening to drivers’ concerns, your team can be more successful down the road.
  • Carriers are embracing social media and other on-demand technology like newsletters, video calls, and podcasts to connect on a more personal level with drivers. Whether you’re looking to develop deeper relationships with your current drivers on the road or attract new potential drivers from the wider applicant pool, think outside your comfort zone for even more success.

And next year? While it’s unreasonable to expect a spotless slate in 2022, we are looking forward to continuing this year's momentum to drive new outcomes and success stories. Here’s to hoping the industry continues to ride the wave of growth, expansion, and innovation.

What are you looking forward to next year? If your team is looking to kick-start 2022 with streamlined, technology-driven solutions, you can see how DriverReach can help you achieve your new year goals here


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