Key Stats Modern Driver Recruiters Should Keep in Mind

If 2020 has proved anything in the trucking and logistics industry, it’s that nothing is expected. After years of steady growth and demand, the unprecedented situation 2020 presented truly highlighted the resiliency and strength of the industry as a whole. While the lasting effects of the past few months are sure to impact the industry for years to come, it’s important to realize that, as a whole, the trucking industry is still in a profitable, impactful position.

For CDL driver recruiters, talking to potential drivers about the state of the industry can be difficult, especially during these uncertain times. By looking at the numbers, however, recruiters can show drivers that, while things may be tough now, the industry is tougher.

Here are some stats about the trucking industry to keep in mind for the rest of 2020:

Diversity and inclusion are huge conversation topics in 2020, and the trucking industry is one of the most diverse industries in America. With millions of people employed as truck drivers – and such a high number of these people from diverse and minority backgrounds – the trucking industry is well-positioned to continue to be an inclusive leader for years to come.

  • The trucking industry is considered a leading indicator of the larger national economy (Business Insider)

Starting in 2018, the freight and shipping industry started seeing some indications of a downturn, leading to thought leaders starting to forecast a larger economic recession in 2019 and 2020. Because the trucking industry is responsible for handling purchases (many of which are made with disposable income), the supply chain can be used to forecast larger economic issues. As shipping starts to get back to normal here in the back half of 2020, this could be considered a favorable outlook for the larger national economy.

Although there is some seriously distressing news out there about the industry, it’s important to remember that trucking is still the number one way to move goods and is one of the largest – and most profitable – industries in the country.

There are more than 3.5 million people employed as truck drivers, and this doesn’t count those who identify as self-employed. In such a large and critical industry, blips and downturns are to be expected – but this does not mean there is no hope for the future. As other industries (especially e-commerce) continue to grow, the trucking industry will grow right along with them.

What can recruiters do with this information?

2020 has been an interesting year so far, and that’s putting things lightly. As a CDL driver recruiter, you’ve probably had plenty of conversations with potential drivers where people expressed their hesitation or uncertainty about joining the industry, or taking a new job, in this time of fluctuation. Armed with stats like the ones above, recruiters can help ease drivers’ minds and prove to them that, although things may seem bleak now, the industry always has a way of coming out on top.

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