Live Podcast Interview with ATA President & CEO Chris Spear

In his first state association visit since ATA’s MC&E Conference in Orlando, ATA President & CEO Chris Spear spoke to the Indiana Motor Truck Association (IMTA) during their annual convention held in Chandler, AZ.

A highlight of the IMTA's convention was a live Regarding Trucking podcast interview with Chris Spear. The interviewer, Robert Haag of Perfect Pallets / Perfect Transportation, is the creator of the new podcast devoted to the trucking industry.  

Chris Spear Regarding Trucking Podcast Interview.jpg

Spear opened up about his family, his faith, and his passion.  Hear how he navigates through the political landscape that has embraced the trucking industry. Spear also demonstrates his steadfastness in addressing the driver shortage with, "we're done talking about it...we're going to do something about it!" He referenced a recently created Workforce Development Committee, headed by CRST Chairman John Smith.

If this interview is any indication of what lies ahead for trucking, 2018 will be a banner year.  Thank you to the IMTA, Robert Haag, and Chris Spear for providing the audiences of both "live" and "recorded" versions with such great insight.


Regarding Trucking is a one-on-one, in-depth, interview podcast with the people who make the trucking industry what it is today and where it will be tomorrow. We dig deep asking them to share their knowledge, beliefs, and leadership skills so that we can also be inspired to do great things.



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