New on DriverReach: Workflow enhancements and batched credit card charges

Working a CDL truck driver application involves many steps. It's critical to track progress and have at-a-glance awareness of an applicants' status in your funnel.

DriverReach includes workflow to help make this process easy and transparent.

Workflow Milestones

The driver applicant screen displays the workflow milestones and stages in the top right corner.

DriverReach Applicant Workflow Applicant workflow

The four milestones of workflow are:

  • Application Review
  • Verifications
  • Background Checks
  • Onboarding & Orientation

Each milestone also displays a progress indicator label, either "In Progress" or "Completed".

Click on each milestone name to view the detail for that milestone. For example, click on the the "Verifications" link to open the employment verifications detail.

As you complete a particular milestone, click the circle icon button to mark it as "Complete".

DriverReach Workflow Complete Workflow Complete

Once you confirm the completion, the circle icon will be green and the orange "In Progress" label will change green and display "Completed":

DriverReach Workflow Complete Workflow Complete

Notice the "Days in process" information tracks the number of days the application has been under review.

Workflow Stages

The Workflow Stage defines the current stage of the applicant.

Set the appropriate applicant stage using the blue buttons for Disqualify, No current interest or Hire.

If Disqualify or No current interest are chosen, you may later select the Re-activate prospect button to  continue the hiring process.

Batched Billing

Until now, DriverReach was set to create separate credit card charges for each purchase made inside the platform.

For example, each time a background check was purchased through a 3rd-party provider, a credit card charge was generated. When running many background checks each day, this caused a large number of small, separate charges to hit the credit card on file.

With this new update, all credit card charges on your account are rolled up into one amount and sent to our payment processor in a single transaction each month.

This update saves you the headache of wading through pages and pages of your credit card statement with countless individual charges. Not to mention the savings of all that paper!

Not to worry though - you still have access to all the individual charge detail within the billing section of your DriverReach Settings.

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