Ready to Digitize Your Recruiting Process? Here's How!

If you’re like most driver recruiters, you may have been relying on the same old manual recruiting processes for years. Between playing phone tag with prospective drivers to back-and-forth email chains, a lot of a recruiter’s day can be wasted on redundant or unnecessary processes. For many recruiting teams, however, even thinking about updating or digitizing internal processes can be daunting.

Driver recruiting, first and foremost, is about establishing lasting connections and relationships between drivers and carriers. It’s intimidating for recruiters to consider adding technology to this equation, especially if the thought of being replaced by technology is holding you back. However, recruiting will always require human connection, and moving away from paper-based processes is only a step towards innovating and scaling your operations.

Here are a few easy steps to take into consideration as your team works to digitize your recruiting process:

  1. Make this a team-focused transition. If your recruiting leadership is nervous about digitizing processes, it’s easy to imagine your actual recruiters and drivers will be curious about what this transition means for them. Ask around for buy-in from key stakeholders across your organization to ensure all voices – and concerns – are heard.
  2. Design your new processes to address areas of need. In the first step, you asked around to see what people in your organization look for with new digital methods. Now, it’s time to take this feedback into account. Whether your team is implementing a CRM, an Applicant Tracking System, or a full-scale industry solution, make sure you customize your features to address these specific areas of need.
  3. Get your team comfortable with this new technology. Often, people are intimidated or nervous about implementing new technology because they don’t know how to use it. It’s critical to get your team up and running with your new solution right out of the gate to overcome this uncertainty and show them the value of the technology you’ve put in place. When people see how new technology will help them do their jobs better, they’re going to be on board with the changes.
  4. Advertise your changes. Your recruiters are sick of outdated processes, and so are your drivers. Let prospective applicants know about your new, streamlined recruiting solutions and operations so they know what to expect: fast, prompt follow-ups and a driver-first recruiting experience. Simply put, this new technology change can work as a recruiting tool as well!
  5. Always be improving. The best part about investing in a new digital solution is that you can constantly change, add on, and grow your functionality. Your team identifies other areas that may need new processes and work with your vendors to add a digital element here and there. Soon, your entire organization can be running smoothly and efficiently.

Want to learn more?

The decision to update and digitize your manual recruiting processes is a big one, and this change doesn’t happen overnight. Talk to the DriverReach team today for the guidance and direction you need to make this significant change in your organization.

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