Ready to Optimize Your CDL Driver Job Postings?

As any recruiter in 2022 has no doubt learned by now, drivers can use multiple channels and avenues to learn about your company, the new positions available, and the benefits of working for your organization. 

From driver forums and message boards to social media accounts, drivers can easily find their way around your corporate messaging. But there is one channel that is – and always will be – one of the most common and critical avenues for drivers to learn about your team: the original job posting.

A driver job posting announces the new opportunity, gives the driver a glimpse at the benefits and responsibilities of the position, and outlines the requirements necessary for the position. This job posting can be linked to and shared from multiple different sources (including generic and/or trucking specific job boards and other job aggregators), so it should be the most vivid and thought-through description of what driving for your organization will entail.

If you're going to optimize one channel to attract new drivers, start with the original job posting. Here's what to include in every driver job posting:

  • What the typical 'day in the life' of a driver may look like. How regularly will the driver be home? Is it long haul, regional, or a home daily job? What are the requirements outside of driving, such as loading/unloading the trailer, detention consideration, etc?
  • A summary of equipment and technology. How new is the equipment? Be sure to call that out. Is the equipment manual or automatic? Let drivers know what kind of technology they will be using in the cab (ELD provider, in/out facing cameras, etc.). 
  • The job compensation, both base and bonus potential. An essential part of any job description, you must be clear about the compensation for drivers to truly stand out from the competition. Be sure to speak in terms of total earnings potential (weekly / monthly / annually) rather than just highlighting a traditional CPM number. Be sure to highlight any safety-related bonus potential, as well.
  • An overview of benefits and your organization's accolades. Why should a driver want to work with your organization? Highlight the benefits of driving for your team (insurance, hometime, low turnover, etc.) and anything else you want to call out about your organization itself. Have you won any industry awards recently? Let prospective drivers know!
  • Minimum requirements, licenses, and certifications. Be clear about how many years of experience drivers must have when applying for this position. Also, call out any required endorsements and/or clearances necessary for this particular job. Be sure to confirm the driver is registered with the Clearinghouse for purposes of quick approval of the required pre-employment full query.


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