Recruiting CDL Drivers Online? Here's What You Need to Know:

The way recruiters find, attract, and retain job applicants is changing. This is especially apparent in more ‘traditional’ industries, like CDL trucking, which tend to have a ‘stuck in the past’ stigma attached. In reality, job applicants in these industries are more ready and willing for a modern applicant experience because they are always on the go. Being on the go means relying heavily on online and mobile technology to find potential candidates, engage these people in conversation and applications, and then retain them once they are officially onboard. Incredibly, while 90% of job seekers look for jobs online, only 60% of the available jobs are actually being advertised online! This means that there is a huge gap for recruiters to fill with online content about available jobs. 

If you aren’t currently using online job sites, message boards, social media, and other digital tools to find and engage potential CDL driver candidates, what are you waiting for?

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when recruiting CDL drivers online:

Don’t skimp on the career page

Your career page is your company’s chance to make a great first impression on driver candidates, so this isn’t the place to skimp on content or creativity. A winning career page should be easy to find on a website, with clear call to actions so drivers can click through to your application. It should clearly state what positions are available while highlighting the need-to-know facts about your organization. 

For CDL driver positions specifically, it’s also a good idea to call out some FAQs like average tenure of driver or mileage limits on your career page so that drivers know right out of the gate what is in store for them. It’s okay to use industry buzzwords in your job description, as long as they make sense with your audience. 

Try out different types of content, like video

We’ve all seen enough boring job postings in our days that they start to all run together. One of the best things about online candidate recruiting is that recruiters can leverage all kinds of different types of content, from banners to ads to video. While video has long been overlooked in the CDL driver recruiting world, it’s finally having its day in the sun. 

One of the best ways to use video in the recruiting process is through testimonials. CDL driver testimonials really resonate with potential drivers – especially those who are new to the profession – because they give new drivers a sense of what to expect both with the company and with the job in general. 

Leverage social media

Social media is one of the key tools in any modern recruiter’s toolbox, and this is especially true for CDL driver recruiters. 92% of recruiters use social media in their recruiting efforts, so if you’re not on the social media bandwagon it’s time to start. 

Social media is a great way for CDL driver recruiters to target potential drivers as well as connect current drivers with other members of the team. Social media can help drivers get a sense of community and company culture, even though they’re on the road. This culture can be beneficial for potential drivers to see as well. 

Optimize for mobile

When most people think of being ‘online’, we don’t immediately think of mobile. But, in reality, Americans (and the world in general) use mobile phones for so much online traffic that optimizing web content for mobile is now a must. If your career page, CDL driver application, or marketing content isn’t optimized for mobile viewing experience, you could be missing out on potential applicants. Having a robust online recruiting presence is no longer enough – mobile must be part of your online strategy to be successful.  

While the CDL recruiting space is starting to rely heavily on online, mobile, and social technology, it’s also motivated primarily by personal relationships and human interaction. Because CDL drivers spend so much time on the road with little to no human interaction, providing them with this personal engagement upfront in the recruiting process shows that you appreciate their time and dedication. 

Additionally, try to schedule your drivers for in-person one-on-ones at least once a month. This will allow you to check in on how your drivers are doing and feeling, stay on top of any issues that might arise, and keep your drivers from feeling too distant from the company as a whole. 

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