Randall-Reilly Webinar Q&A: Maximize the Value of Leads and Recruiters

Did you have a chance to attend our webinar last week, "Maximize the Value of Leads and Recruiters"? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted timeframe, so we've answered them below.  

Scott Evanson, CEO of Smart Rhino Labs Division at Randall-Reilly and presenter on the webinar, answers each of the questions we received in this Q&A-style blog post. Whether or not you were able to attend, these questions regarding your CDL driver application and your recruiters will help you be more efficient and hire faster.

Question: Can you connect me with a vendor to make after hours connections, SMS, etc.?

Answer: Yes! Randall-Reilly has a turnkey solution called ‘Lead Connect’ to help you handle those initial points of contact  either via automated systems like SMS messaging or Voice or even using human recruiters in our own Contact Center.

Question: Are there any text programs or apps with AI that can help recruiters contact leads within the first 5 minutes of them submitting their apps?

Answer:  Yes! Randall-Reilly has some automated solutions that can ensure you contact your leads within minutes of them filling out their application. We typically use either SMS or Voice Calls to do that and prompt those drivers to confirm their application, at which point we transfer them in to your recruiting team as an inbound call.

Question: How do you retain drivers during a slow period? If there isn’t freight to move, drivers often want to jump ship.

Answer: I don’t believe there’s any ‘Silver Bullet’ to retaining your drivers, regardless of what freight is like. I do believe that if drivers are treated fairly and like equals by their supervisors and the management teams at a company, they’ll be happy to stay in the trenches with you through thick and thin.

We mentioned this on the webinar, but if you are sincere and genuine in your efforts, drivers will realize it. If you are sincere, even those who leave may be willing to come back. We have clients who treat their drivers really well who also see great success targeting previous drivers of theirs with ‘Rehire’ campaigns after they leave. That doesn’t work unless those drivers remember how great you treated them.

Question: Can you provide the audio examples of the great recruiter you mentioned during the webinar?

Answer: Here are the two audio examples of the recruiters I talked about during the webinar. The first example is of a great recruiter, listen here. The second example is a recruiter sounds annoyed and irritated, listen here.

Question: What’s better - a phone call or a lead form?   

Answer: We really try to emphasize the importance of generating and fielding inbound calls for your recruiting team. The less time you wait between when you convince a driver to raise their hand and engage with you about a driving position and when your recruiter builds some rapport and makes them a compelling offer, the better your results will be.

If you’re struggling to generate lead flow, building out a framework to generate and field inbound calls can help you tap into new audiences of drivers who don’t currently see your ads in the places you’re posting them. For many recruiting teams, ROI on inbound calls is higher than that of calling form leads.

Question: What is the shelf life of leads? What can we do with older leads?

Answer: That’s a really good question. The shelf life on your leads is generally very short. In some circumstances, just a few minutes.

Some recruiters can see cyclicality and are able to reach back out to previous applicants and generate some interest, but in my presentation, I referenced an in-depth lead response study done by a professor at MIT that showed within 5 minutes of when that user opts in, you start to see a significant decrease in conversion rate

Question: Can we get a copy of the slides from the webinar?

Answer: The webinar is now available on-demand and can be viewed in its entirety by clicking here

Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars, as well as other important recruiting and retention related topics from DriverReach's blog.  


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