Texting CDL Driver Candidates From Your Personal Phone? Stop Now!

It’s no surprise why CDL driver recruiters are turning to text messaging as the next big communication channel. It’s easy for both the recruiter and the driver, it embraces a technology-first recruiting approach, and it puts the driver solely at the center of the recruiting experience. CDL driver applicants might not be working directly in a digital industry, but they are like any other job candidates in that they are looking for a modern, innovative application and recruiting experience.

In the last few years, text messaging has become a staple of the CDL driver recruiting toolbox. Recruiters are ready and willing to deliver the experience that drivers are looking for. Many CDL recruiters are ready to jump head-first into this new communication channel, but they’re missing one crucial component: a secure, scalable workflow. Simply put, recruiters are so eager to get started with texting candidates that they share their personal contact information and text drivers from their own personal phones.

A best practice for any CDL driver recruiter looking to add text messaging as a service to drivers is to look for a full-service Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with text message functionality. This software allows recruiters to securely manage every single text that is sent out, monitor and track conversations with driver candidates, and gather analytics on the back end to make better recruiting decisions.

Still unsure about texting candidates from a business line? Here are a few problems that might arise without a dedicated line:

Legal liabilities: Texting is such a great recruiting tool because it is something that we’re all comfortable with and used to doing on a regular basis. We text with our friends, families, and co-workers, so it makes sense to extend this channel to more professional areas.

This can cause some confusion, however, if not managed correctly. If a recruiter accidentally texts a driver candidate something that was meant for someone else, even another driver, it could mean an awkward conversation or result in personal information being compromised. Also, texting from a personal cell phone raises all kinds of security concerns. Text messages are hacked every day, and if you’re sharing financial or legal details with drivers, you could be at risk.

Lack of documentation: The modern recruiting experience is all about transparency on the backend. As CDL driver recruiters become more dedicated to delivering a driver-first experience, they are turning to documentation and process planning to ensure they’re making the right decision at the right time.

If your recruiters are all sending different messages to drivers answering the same questions, how can you guarantee consistency across your department? With a dedicated business texting line, recruiters can identify the best answer to a particular question, pull out pre-approved responses, and track prompts that have the highest conversion rates. A win-win all around!

Little to no analytics: As with any industry dealing one-on-one with a connected audience, CDL driver recruiting relies heavily on analytics to make the best decisions. After all, the reasoning behind implementing driver-first solutions like text messaging is to increase conversions and get more trucks out on the road. Without insight into response rates, click-throughs, opens, and more, recruiters accurately create a long-term success plan.

Additionally, because text messaging is a relatively recent introduction to the driver recruiting landscape, there is still some testing that needs to be done. Every recruiter should have access to numbers and data so that your company can scale success and re-work strategies that didn’t quite hit the mark.

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