The Do's and Don'ts of Setting Your Trucking Company Up for Online Success

For today’s modern job seekers, the process of researching prospective employers looks a little different than it did a decade ago. Word of mouth recommendations and opinions have been replaced by online forums and social media sites where anyone can post a review or insight into your business. Online websites like Glassdoor and Indeed are now the first stop for any new driver looking to make sure he or she is making the right decision during the application process.

With so much competition for qualified drivers in the CDL trucking industry right now, a Glassdoor rating can make or break your organization’s success. Unfortunately, employers and organizations have zero control over what reviews actually make it on to the site, which means that a negative review or poor rating can pop up when you least expect it.

This being said, there are a few proactive ways that organizations can organically increase their Glassdoor ratings and prompt more positive reviews from drivers. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help improve your Glassdoor rating and set your team up for success online:

  • Do ask your long-term drivers to provide input. 

Your current drivers are one of your biggest advocates, and there is a reason why your long-term drivers stuck around all these years. Ask them to leave a review on Glassdoor about their experience. While you can’t tell a driver what to say, you can be confident that your loyal drivers will be honest and respectful in their answers.

  • Don’t just wait around for new reviews to come in on their own. 

Having no reviews is almost as bad as having negative reviews on Glassdoor because it shows that your team doesn’t view online ratings as a priority for applicants. Instead of sitting around and waiting for reviews to come in, proactively reach out and make online reviews part of your everyday driver check-in process.

  • Do check in on your profile regularly. 

While you can’t control the content that is posted on reviews, it’s important to at least keep tabs on what is changing. You should be posting all open positions on the platform, taking them down when they’re filled, and monitoring reviews for anything that needs immediate attention.

  • Don’t forget to respond to negative reviews. 

Although it may be a little awkward, your HR or recruiting team should always respond to negative reviews. While you don’t want to come off as defensive or sensitive, a calm and collected response shows that you are at least aware of the issue at hand and are taking action.

  • Do rethink and restructure your hiring process if necessary. 

If you’re receiving multiple reviews from applicants around a certain issue like a lack of follow-up or long turnaround times, then it’s probably time to rethink your processes. Potential drivers look at sites like Glassdoor for a reason, and if you haven’t addressed some of the issues that have been called out, they will notice.

If your organization is planning on hiring new drivers this year, you can be sure they’re going to look at your online reviews before making their decision. Get ahead of any potential issues by stepping back and making these changes now, before it’s too late. You can learn more about optimizing your recruiting and application process for the digital age here.

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