The Work From Home Era: 3 Tips for Driver Recruiters

While your first impression of the trucking industry probably doesn’t jive with the new ‘work from home’ mentality, CDL driver recruiters are doing all they can to adapt quickly and efficiently to this new normal.

Interestingly enough, trucking is one of the few industries that has had its share of positive changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, from increased demand to faster drive times on highways. Looking long-term, however, driver recruiters are faced with the ever-present question of how to attract, recruit, onboard, and retain drivers within the confines of remote work.

Here are 3 tips CDL driver recruiters can keep in mind as they adjust to the work from home era:

Tip #1: Remember that your drivers are also navigating uncertainty.

If there is one thing this extended quarantine period – as well as the fluctuating global marketplace and skyrocketing unemployment numbers – has taught us, it’s that everyone, regardless of situation, is in a state of uncertainty. CDL driver recruiters should not lose sight of a driver-focused recruiting process, regardless of where you’re working. Keeping your online application up to date, providing clear instructions on next steps, and being flexible with interview conditions will be key during the next few months.

Tip #2: Following up with drivers has never been so important.

While the driver shortage is still a looming issue on the minds of many CDL driver recruiters, the rapid rise of the COVID pandemic has put new concerns – like how to remotely hire and train drivers – at the forefront of any recruiter’s mind. The one thing that recruiters can’t risk at this point is to lose track of drivers when they’ve made a conscious decision to join your recruiting process. Following up, or at least holding those responsible for following up accountable to the task, will be critical over the next few months. Tools like automated drip marketing campaigns (check out Cadence by DriverReach) can be a lifesaver for recruiters that need to build and nurture relationships while increasing productivity. 

#Tip 3: Don’t lose sight of your company culture.

Talking about company culture is always an interesting topic for CDL organizations, but the work from home era has opened many people’s eyes to the different facets of what a company culture means. For so long, CDL recruiters were looking for ways to make drivers feel connected to their organization while on the road and, ironically, remote from the rest of the business. Now, with everyone working remote, recruiters can have better insight into the kind of connection drivers are looking for with an organization and work to provide the engagement that can lead to long term retention.

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