Tips for How to Improve Your Company’s Glassdoor Rating

If someone was searching for a new job a few decades ago, they would ask their network to find out about companies that were hiring in the area. Today, the growth of online review sites has consolidated every single word-of-mouth review into an easily searchable database of information. The largest of these sites, Glassdoor, has become the go-to first stop for any new job seeker. Because more and more job seekers are turning to Glassdoor to find out more about prospective companies, organizations themselves are dedicating whole strategic initiatives to improving their presence on this site and others like it.

Ensuring your team has a strong presence on Glassdoor is a critical part of any HR strategy, due in large part to the importance of brand reputation in the CDL driving industry. With so much industry-specific competition and a growing driver shortage, drivers literally have the pick of any carrier in the field. In order to keep drivers in your trucks, your trucks on the road, and your company in the green, you must be able to hire the right individuals. And without a great Glassdoor rating, these potential candidates could be deciding to go elsewhere.

For most companies, improving a Glassdoor rating starts with employee reviews. One of the best parts of Glassdoor (depending on who you ask) is the unfiltered employee reviews. While these reviews provide direct feedback for prospective candidates, it can take just one negative review from a frustrated ex-employee to sink an employer’s reputation. The average Glassdoor company rating is only 3.3 out of 5, which highlights just how difficult it is to control this channel.

While complete control might not be possible, it is possible to take proactive steps to increase your Glassdoor rating – and your reputation as an employer in the industry.

Here are three ways to up your Glassdoor game in 2019 and beyond:

1. Ask your current employees to contribute
Sometimes, it’s simply a blatant lack of content that turns prospective applicants away. Even though you want to avoid negative employee reviews, it’s worse not having any reviews at all. A good place to start in your Glassdoor strategy is by turning to your current employee and contractor base for input. You should never force an employee to say a certain thing in their review or ask them to be positive. Instead, phrase your review request in a friendly, casual way that asks them to be honest while still reflecting the best interests of your team as a whole.

2. Keep a pulse on your Glassdoor presence
It’s important to keep tabs on what your employees are saying on Glassdoor, as well as any interview reviews from applicants. Driver recruiters and HR teams should treat every single review as free feedback and therefore implement actionable resolutions for dissatisfaction whenever possible. Additionally, it’s a good idea to respond to reviews in near real-time, both the positive and the negative. While responding to negative reviews might seem as you’re justifying someone’s ‘wrong’ opinion, it actually shows prospective applicants that you’re aware of your drivers and other employees and that you appreciate their feedback.

3. Rethink your hiring process
We’ll be blunt here – prospective drivers will always check online reviews, and CDL drivers are even more aware of carrier’s online reputation. So, if you really want to improve your Glassdoor ratings, it makes sense to start at the top: with your current drivers.

To truly know that you’re attracting top talent across the board, take a look at your current application process. If you’re giving applicants the runaround, wasting their time, or being seemingly ignorant of their needs, you might be missing out on some great driver candidates. And, when it comes to Glassdoor, these drivers are the ones who will help ‘sell’ your company to others looking for a new driving job. As a driver recruiter, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to deliver a streamlined, driver-focused application process wherever possible.

Take control of your Glassdoor rating
Nothing is ever completely out of your control, even when it comes to employee reviews. All it takes is some careful planning and the input of your entire team. Don’t let Glassdoor ratings define your hiring process – talk to a DriverReach recruiting specialist today to learn more!


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