Truck Driver Appreciation Week is September 11-17th, 2022!

It’s that time of the year again – Truck Driver Appreciation Week will be here soon (September 11th - 17th, 2022, to be exact)! Truck drivers are essential to our nation’s economy and are responsible for keeping the supply chain moving. Over the past few years, we’ve seen how critical drivers are to this delicate infrastructure, and we celebrate the impact and dedication drivers have to this service on and off the road.

Creative ways to celebrate your drivers

The entire team at DriverReach is excited to celebrate drivers and their families this year during Truck Driver Appreciation Week! As an industry partner of driver recruiting teams across the country, we’re dedicated to helping deliver the ultimate driver experience throughout the year. Truck Driver Appreciation Week is no exception.


Here are some fun and creative ways to celebrate your drivers this week (and every week!):

  1. Revamp your public accounts and pages for the occasion. Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a big deal in the industry and should be acknowledged as one by your team. Do an overhaul of your website and social media accounts to focus on the week and showcase driver stories throughout the week.

  2. Highlight driver stories both internally and externally. Put your drivers front and center this week by highlighting drivers on your social media accounts, in forums, in your company newsletter, and through other channels. Ask your more tenured drivers to provide day-in-the-life testimonials and welcome new drivers to the team with special call-outs. Bonus points for leveraging these stories down the road in recruitment efforts!
  3. Send thank you gifts. Say thank you to your drivers in the best way possible – with a gift! Send a thank you to your driver’s home and add a little extra for their families or dependents. Driver’s families should also be celebrated and thanked for putting up with such a unique work environment during this time.
  4. Treat your prospective drivers the same as your current drivers. Celebrate prospective drivers this week as you are celebrating your current drivers. Thank new applicants for their dedication to the industry and, if possible, send out a driver appreciation email to all of your applicants. This could be just what your team needs to get off on the right foot with drivers!


Celebrate Truck Driver Appreciation Week with DriverReach!

 Celebrate your drivers all year long by delivering exceptional recruiting and experiences. With DriverReach, your internal team can make drivers the focus of any process and deliver driver-first workflows. From recruiting and engaging new drivers to communicating and monitoring current drivers to ensure their happiness on the road, DriverReach has the tools for modern recruiting teams. 


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