Truck Driver Appreciation Week | #ThankATrucker

Take a moment to consider the sheer vastness of the American supply chain. Billions of dollars, millions of goods, and hundreds of thousands of miles make up the largest economy in the world. And, at the heart of this interwoven web of highways and backroads, are the truck drivers moving it all forward.

DriverReach joins thousands of others in wishing all drivers a happy and healthy Truck Driver Appreciation Week, taking place this September 13 – 19. More than 3.5 million men and women spend their days and nights on the road making sure the American economy operates efficiently, and for this, we owe them our deepest thanks and appreciation.

Watch the DriverReach Team Say “Thanks”!

This year we have more to celebrate than ever before. With the COVID-19 crisis crippling industries right and left, many have turned to the logistics and transportation industry to help right the ship and get the economy back on track. And let’s agree that the industry has delivered on this front. While people were quarantined and sheltering in place, truckers were delivering essential goods. Truckers continued to brave the conditions to ensure everyone had access to all the items they needed.

Even outside of Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the public has noticed the responsibility undertaken by truckers during this difficult time and has embraced truck drivers as valued first responders of the pandemic. Alongside healthcare and postal service workers, truck drivers are being celebrated and thanked all across America.

Drivers have also taken safety to heart this year, giving yet another reason to celebrate this group of amazing men and women. While many carriers are implementing health and safety guidelines, drivers are taking these precautions to heart all across the highways. From wearing masks to using increased caution while in truck stops and restaurants, truckers are setting the bar high and acting as an example for the public.

So, happy Truck Driver Appreciation Week to all of our driver family and friends! We built DriverReach to deliver amazing recruiting experiences to truck drivers and without the incredible men and women out on the American roadways we would not be here today. Have a great week celebrating!

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