Upcoming TCA Webinar: Qualifying Drivers and Avoiding Risks in a Driver Shortage Market

Today’s recruiting environment challenges carriers of all sizes due to the industry-wide driver shortage and the high demand to move freight. Among the challenges are the labor and employment laws, and the risks associated with non-compliance, which can be very costly. 'Ban the Box' laws are becoming more prevalent, and companies hiring CDL drivers are at risk if they aren't properly adhering to those laws.

TCA’s (Truckload Carriers Association) upcoming webinar, sponsored by DriverReach and available at no cost to TCA members, will discuss what companies can consider doing to avoid being guilty of discriminatory hiring practices.

In addition, this webinar will provide an overview of apprenticeship programs being used by CDL schools to put reformed criminal offenders through driver training with public funding and how carriers are hiring these drivers with success. The industry expert panelists on this webinar will explore tips and best practices to help you safely consider qualifying and hiring drivers from these types of apprenticeship programs.

Webinar: Qualifying Drivers and Avoiding Risks in a Driver Shortage Market

Cost: Free for all TCA members

Date: Thursday, Dec. 6th

Time: 1pm - 2pm EST

During this webinar, we will explore topics such as:

  • What is ‘Ban the Box’ and why does it matter when recruiting CDL drivers?

  • When can criminal-related questions be asked in the CDL application process?

  • What criminal conviction information can be sought early in the CDL application process?

  • Insight into the benefits of hiring past offenders

  • How apprenticeship programs aid in hiring past offenders

  • How and why companies should provide this opportunity for drivers with criminal backgrounds

Additionally, this webinar will also provide CE credit toward the following certifications:

  • Truckload Academy Human Resources (HR-RR, HR-L)

  • Truckload Academy Recruitment (REC-DR, REC-HLC)

  • Truckload Academy Certified Fleet Manager (CFM)

  • NATMI Certified Safety Director (CSD)

  • Certified Safety Supervisor (CSS)

Meet the Speakers

Dave Oisecki

Dave Oisecki, President & CEO, Scopelities Transportation Consulting LLC
Dave spent several years building his trucking and regulatory expertise in program, policy, and regulatory development for positions for FHWA in Washington, DC. and later served as Executive Vice President for the ATA. In his current consulting role at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC, Dave is a regular speaker and commentator before transportation and trucking industry groups. He has been featured on several DriverReach webinars and is a fixture in the industry as a whole.

Marilyn Surber

Marilyn Surber, Employee Services Manager, Melton Truck Lines
With more than 10 years in the Employment Services role for CDL drivers, Marilyn has a wealth of experience with logistics and operations when it comes to hiring and retaining drivers.  


Jeremy Reymer

Jeremy Reymer, Founder & CEO, DriverReach
As Founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy is passionate and innovative in addressing the problems faced by today’s CDL driver recruiters, and is dedicated to the concept of improving efficiency and output through new technology. Jeremy brings 15 years of experience in the trucking industry, having led a regional CDL driver staffing company before selling it in 2017 so he could focus 100% on addressing today’s ongoing driver shortage with a modern driver recruiting solution, DriverReach.

Additional On-Demand Webinar Resources
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