Upcoming Webinar: "Driver Retention 101 with WorkHound: Why You're Drivers Aren't Sticking Around"

While many recruiting teams realize that increasing applicant numbers, recruiting, and retention is paramount in today’s CDL marketplace, making this a reality is incredibly challenging. So what’s missing, and where can recruiting teams change tactics to improve driver retention? While it might surprise driver recruiting teams to hear this, you can’t just throw money at a problem (aka driver retention) and just hope for the best. Even your most well-meaning solution won’t show results if there isn’t a strategic, well thought out driver retention plan in place that is founded on numbers and data. 

In webinar #8 of our multi-month series, Reimagine the Driver Lifecycle, Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound, will be the featured presenter in a two-part series on driver retention. As you know all too well, even a small improvement in retention can dramatically (and positively) impact your bottom line.

In our upcoming Part 1 webinar, you’ll learn from Max as he: 

  • Addresses high turnover and driver shortage
  • Shares insight about why drivers leave 
  • Discusses the barriers to communication
  • Proves why feedback will kickstart your retention strategy

Title: “Driver Retention 101 With WorkHound: Why Your Drivers Aren’t Sticking Around”

Date: September 10th, 2019 

Time: 2:00 PM EDT

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