Upcoming Webinar: How to Promote Your Brand to Attract Great Candidates

In today’s hyper-competitive world of CDL driver recruiting, every single driver counts. Thanks to the ongoing driver shortage, drivers can now afford to pick and choose which carriers they want to work with. This means that carriers and recruiters must be able to deliver an innovative, driver-first approach to recruiting and retention.

Contrary to popular belief, recruiting and retaining drivers doesn’t start with the first conversation. Instead, it starts much earlier in the process: the very first time a driver hears about or learns about a brand. This first impression can have a huge impact on the future relationship your team has with drivers. Everything from your messaging to mission to values tells candidates what type of organization you’re running, and in order to attract the best candidates possible, your brand must be able to optimize every single part of this brand voice.

In this upcoming webinar, How to Promote Your Brand to Attract Great Candidates, Priscilla Peters, VP of Marketing for Conversion Interactive Agency, will present best practices and real-world strategies for optimizing your branding approach.

Webinar: How to Promote Your Brand to Attract Great Candidates
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Time: 2 pm EDT

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During the webinar you will learn:

  • How to drive applicant conversions from the top of the driver lead funnel all the way through to a new hire.
  • Strategies to differentiate your brand and organization from the competition to attract more drivers.
  • Ways to show up in the ‘moments that count’ during your recruiting and retention efforts.
  • How to understand the data behind how drivers search, engage and prefer to communicate in today’s mobile world.

This webinar is part of a new, multi-month webinar series on how recruiters and carriers can reimagine the driver lifecycle from the driver’s point of view. Over the next several months, industry thought leaders will be discussing multiple topics that will help carriers of all sizes apply modern marketing, recruiting, and retention practices to current and new strategies.

You can learn more about the “Reimagining the Driver Lifecycle” webinar series here. If you can’t attend the webinars, make sure to register anyway to receive the recording directly in your inbox after each webinar concludes.

Register for the first webinar in the series, How to Promote Your Brand to Attract Great Candidates, now!

Meet the speakers:

PriscillaPeters Priscilla Peters, Vice President of Marketing & Training, Conversion Interactive Agency
Priscilla has over 20 years of experience in the transportation industry, specializing in driver recruiting, retention, marketing, advertising, communications, and training. She is currently the Vice President of Marketing & Training for Conversion Interactive Agency, the leading driver recruiting and retention agency in the trucking industry. Priscilla speaks nationally for organizations on topics relating to driver recruiting and retention, and she brings insight and first-hand experience on how motor carriers should think differently when it comes to recruiting and retention. She has experience working for both a large motor carrier handling their internal driver advertising and marketing, and also experience with the leading advertising agency in the market.


Jeremy_Headshot Jeremy Reymer, Founder & CEO, DriverReach
As Founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy is passionate and innovative in addressing today’s challenges with recruiting CDL drivers. Jeremy brings over 15 years of experience in the trucking industry as both a carrier and a vendor, having led a small truckload operation as well as a regional CDL driver staffing company. As a member of ATA’s Workforce Development Committee and ATRI’s Research Advisory Committee, Jeremy is devoted to solving the industry’s greatest challenges. In 2016, Jeremy founded DriverReach, a modern driver recruiting management solution to address the ongoing driver shortage.


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