Upcoming Webinar: “Know ‘Exactly What to Say’: Recruit with Authenticity and Empathy in Today’s Trying Times"

During these uncertain and challenging times, expressing authenticity and demonstrating empathy during the recruiting process can mean all the difference to your driver candidates.

Just imagine how valuable your candidates would feel if you related to them in a more “human” way. The words we use and how we use them can be very impactful – especially during times like these. 

In a recent post, Phil shared some examples of powerful words and phrases that can help recruiters make a real and lasting connection with drivers (spoiler alert: these magic words of influence will work long after this current pandemic subsides)

    • I’m not sure if it’s for you, but…
    • How open minded would you be to…?
    • What do you know about…?
    • How would you feel if…?
    • Just imagine if…
    • When would be a good time…?
    • You have 3 options…
    • The good news is...
  • And SO many more! 

DriverReach is thrilled to invite you to attend a live video chat between DriverReach’s Founder and CEO, Jeremy Reymer, and Phil M. Jones, sales expert and author of our book, "Exactly What to Say: CDL Driver Recruiting Edition". During this video chat, Phil and Jeremy will: 

  • Provide specific phrases of authenticity, empathy, and intention that recruiters can use during this time of incredible uncertainty
  • Give examples of how knowing "Exactly What to Say" can help convert more driver candidates
  • Unpack sales concepts that recruiters can put to use immediately 

Title: “Know ‘Exactly What to Say’: Recruit with Authenticity and Empathy in Today’s Trying Times"

Date: Thursday, April 16th

Time: 1pm ET

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