Upcoming Webinar: Reconciling ‘Ban the Box’ with FMCSA’s Disqualifying Offenses

For any CDL driver recruiter, the recent news of states adopting ‘ban the box’ laws is bound to raise some questions. In case you haven’t heard, these laws remove any bias of a conviction or arrest record from candidates applications to provide fair employment consideration.

When it comes to CDL drivers, however, these regulations are a little more complicated. There are certain disqualifying offenses that pertain specifically to CDL drivers that negate ban the box regulations, but, of course, there is a catch.

When it comes to CDL driver recruiters and driver applicants, these disqualifying offenses must be uncovered prior to offering a conditional offer of employment to a driver. In total, there are 27 offenses (consisting of criminal offenses, serious traffic violations, railroad-crossing grade offenses, and violation of orders) that can disqualify drivers from any legal employment consideration due being disqualified per FMCSA.   

Still have questions? Join Dave Osiecki, President of Scopelitis Transportation and Consulting, and Jeremy Reymer, Founder and CEO of DriverReach, for this upcoming educational webinar as they discuss ban the box laws in more detail, including a discussion on how these laws impact the application and hiring process of new drivers. This is also the perfect place to bring specific questions relating to your own experiences with ban the box laws.

Webinar: Reconciling ‘Ban the Box’ with FMCSA’s Disqualifying Offenses

Date: Tuesday, Oct. 23rd

Time: 10 AM EDT

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During this webinar you will learn:

  • How ‘ban the box’ laws apply to your team and your drivers.
  • How these regulations can impact or influence the hiring process.
  • What disqualifying offenses to look for before issuing conditional offers to drivers.

Meet the Speakers

Dave Osiecki
Dave spent several years building his trucking and regulatory expertise in program, policy, and regulatory development for positions for FHWA in Washington, DC. and later served as Executive Vice President for the ATA. In his current consulting role at Scopelitis Transportation Consulting LLC, Dave is a regular speaker and commentator before transportation and trucking industry groups.

Jeremy Reymer
As Founder and CEO of DriverReach, Jeremy is passionate about addressing the problems faced by today’s CDL driver recruiters, and is dedicated to the concept of improving efficiency through technology. Jeremy brings 15 years of experience in the trucking industry, having led a regional CDL driver staffing company before selling it in 2017 so he could focus 100% on addressing today’s ongoing driver shortage with a modern driver recruiting solution, DriverReach.

Ban the box laws aren’t going anywhere, and they’re only making the CDL landscape more confusing for recruiters. Stay in the know – register for this upcoming webinar today!


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