Webinar Q&A: “Best Recruiting Strategies: The Power of a Strong Driver Referral Program”

Did you have a chance to attend our recent webinar, Best Recruiting Strategies: The Power of a Strong Driver Referral Program? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted time frame, so our presenter from RocketCDL, Mark Bowden, has answered them below in this Q&A-style blog post. If you weren’t able to join the live webinar, don’t worry – you can watch it on-demand anytime!

Question: Can you describe what the process is like? Is there a mobile app required?

Answer: While RocketCDL is most easily used via the driver app, drivers who are less tech savvy can still participate via email. Each driver is given a unique link that ties their referrals back to them with 100% accuracy. 

Question: What about sending information home to the spouses to get them to motivate their husbands / wife's?

Answer: There is certainly value in getting a spouse on board, but by simply getting the message in front of the driver via SMS, Push Notification or Email will naturally impact the referral volume and more importantly the relationship the company has with that driver.

Question: What is the most popular social network to attract drivers? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN or something else?

Answer: LinkedIn continues to grow, but Facebook remains king. The most important thing is that you understand where YOUR drivers are active.

Question: Will the unique link show which driver referred the candidate when the lead comes in?

Answer: Absolutely. You will be able to easily track the driver and referral in both RocketCDL as well as your applicant tracking system once integrated.

Question: Is there a standard dollar amount for referral incentives?

Answer: The amounts vary pretty dramatically, and more often you see higher rates for more stringent hiring criteria, as a wise man once said “the harder the fill, the higher the bill.” But if I had to put a dollar amount I would say between $500-$1000 is most common.

Question: Do you have any experience working with people in admin talent management systems?

Answer: Most of the systems that we currently work with are transportation specific, however we are 100% open to integration with the more traditional HR systems. 

Question: What is the cost for this program?

Answer: Cost varies per carrier, as we base this off of fleet size and expected usage within the app. The current rate is around $1 per driver per month. So if you have a fleet of 250 drivers, it would be approximately $250/month. ***Please note that this is a limited time price point***

Bobbi Leach, a RocketCDL Customer: “20% of our hires in April came from driver referrals! We love RocketCDL and how they help bolster our referral program :)”

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