Webinar Q&A: "Does Human Trafficking Make You Sick? Here's How You Can Help!"

Did you have a chance to attend webinar, “Does Human Trafficking Make You Sick? Here’s How You Can Help!”? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted time frame, so our presenter from Truckers Against Trafficking, Louie Greek, has answered them below in this Q&A-style blog post. If you weren’t able to join the live webinar, don’t worry  – you can watch it on-demand anytime!Question: Is the TAT text/mobile number just for victims or can drivers text INFO or HELP to that number as well? How does the text option work?

Answer: The National Human Trafficking Hotline text/mobile (233733/1-888-3737-888) that TAT promotes is operated by Polaris Project. This number is available for drivers and the community to report suspected human trafficking situations but also for victims of human trafficking to seek services and assistance. The hotline staff is there 24/7 to assist those who may need help by offering services or resources or to answer questions and take calls from the general public. 

Question: Do you provide any pamphlets or other resources to trucking companies to use for both driver and employee orientation?

Answer: TAT will provide all training materials free of charge in order for trucking companies to train their drivers and employees on how to combat human trafficking. We can ship companies the training DVDs, wallet cards, posters or brochures, all at no cost to them. You can find samples of our materials on our website (https://truckersagainsttrafficking.org/get-our-materials/) and request those via the TAT email address, tat.truckers@gmail.com. Additionally, the wallet card is available on an app for iPhone and Andriod, and then all our videos are available free of charge on our website. 

Question: What best practices do you recommend when involving this in our safety training program?

Answer: TAT has seen safety directors or supervisors implement this training in a number of ways. Some companies have the new employee sit down at a computer and go through the 30-minute training online during their orientation, printing off their TAT certificate for their employee file when completed. Others have held group safety meetings, playing the training DVD to the group and going over the wallet card at the conclusion of the video. Many companies subscribe to our newsletter which provides additional resources and updated information that can be added to these safety meetings. 

Question: What costs are involved in the training materials? I am interested in possibly integrating this into our orientation process.

Answer: Thanks to the generous support of Corporate Sponsors and Individual donors we provide companies with free training materials. We can mail you a copy of the training DVDs, which are also available to view on our website. If you have a Learning Management System, we can pride you the mp4 file of our training. On our materials page, companies can take a look at our materials and place an order via the TAT email address, and we will ship you those free of charge. We just want drivers to be informed and aware of this issue and ways they can help. 

Question: The TAT video only mentions girls that are trafficked. There are boys being kidnapped and trafficked as well, so you also need to keep a lookout for them.

Answer: Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to the vulnerabilities of human trafficking. Although it is more common that women and girls are forced into sexual exploitation, many boys and men are victims as well. Often times, boys and men are exploited in other areas of human trafficking, such as labor trafficking, which includes sweatshops, agricultural fields, and the construction business. After someone becomes TAT trained, we encourage them to be looking for those red flags and signs when it comes to any person who is being exploited, no matter their gender, age, or ethnicity. 

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