Webinar Q&A: "DRIVER REFERRALS: The New Frontier With RocketCDL

Did you have a chance to attend webinar #6 in our multi-month series, “DRIVER REFERRALS: The New Frontier With RocketCDL”? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted time frame, so our presenters from RocketCDL answered them below in this Q&A-style blog post.

If you weren’t able to join the live webinar, don’t worry  – you can watch it on-demand anytime!

Question: Should referral programs be available to drivers during their probation period, or after their first 3 months with the company? 

Answer: In addition to getting your company more leads, a referral program is also a huge retention benefit for drivers who are able to take advantage of it. Promoting your referral program to your new drivers, as soon as they join your company, is a great way to get them excited about referring their friends to your company. 

Question: Is this program available in Canada?

Answer: Yes, RocketCDL is available in Canada. 

Question: How did James and Nate get started with RocketCDL?

Answer: Starting his career at a trucking-hiring-tech startup, James gained unique insights into how software could be used to improve the CDL hiring process. Teaming up, James and Nate (lifelong friends) built a software solution which improves upon the best source of high-quality CDL leads: referrals. RocketCDL was launched with Melton Truck Lines in early 2019.

Question: Who would benefit from RocketCDL?

Answer: Any motor carrier who wants to find a cheaper, better way of hiring drivers would benefit from RocketCDL. RocketCDL takes advantage of the recruiting power of your entire fleet of drivers. For this reason, carriers with 100+ drivers will best be able to take advantage of RocketCDL’s referral platform. 

Question: How can I learn more about RocketCDL’s product to understand if it could help my referral program?

Answer: You can learn more about RocketCDL by visiting: https://www.rocketcdl.com/. Be sure to schedule a demo so you can see the product in action! 

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