Webinar Q&A: “Safety is Not Optional for Carriers – It’s Your Culture"

Did you have a chance to attend our recent webinar, “Safety is Not Optional for Carriers – It’s Your Culture”? We received more questions than we had time to answer in the allotted time frame, so our presenter, Craig Hart, Product Manager at Vertical Alliance Group, answered them below in this Q&A-style blog post. If you weren’t able to join the live webinar, don’t worry – you can watch it on-demand anytime!

Question: Are you going to review content and suggested programs? What does the system look like?

Answer: The easiest way to view the Infinit-I platform from Vertical Alliance Group is to take it for a 30 day test drive! Our 30 Day Trial is the perfect opportunity to experience what Infinit-i can offer you and your drivers. From assigning content to pulling reports, you have access to our entire system during your trial. For more information, call 866-904-5087 or visit https://infinitiworkforce.com/complimentary-trial/

Question: If I am a DriverReach customer, how easy is it to set up an integration?

Answer: We’ve designed our API integration with DriverReach to be easy to implement and customers are typically up and running 24-48 hours.

Question: Can you give me an idea of a cost?

Answer: For more information about our pricing, please call 866-904-5087 to speak with one of our account executives.

Question: How do drivers receive training? 

Answer: Our training is delivered to any mobile device or computer that has internet access. We support various types of browsers and a myriad number of devices from smartphones to tablets to desktops. Our videos are typically 3-5 minutes in length, with audio and questions and answers.

Question: What do you think about safety training podcasts?

Answer: I think that safety training podcasts can be a valuable tool. However, you should make sure that whatever training style you take advantage of has reporting capabilities to help you hold your drivers accountable for the training you want them to watch/hear/interact with, as well as provide you the ability to pull records of completed training whenever you need them to demonstrate what your drivers accomplished for litigation and audit purposes. Remember this mantra when it comes to safety training - if it’s not signed, if it’s not dated, or if you can’t find...it did not happen.

Question: Can we get information on the services you guys offer?

Answer: Absolutely! Feel free to visit our website at https://infinitiworkforce.com/

Question: 850+ videos to choose from seems overwhelming. Do you recommend a 52 week program we can follow?

Answer: We can and do make training recommendations to our clients based on seasonal challenges, industry trends, and the specific needs of clients. Our Client Success Representatives work with you to advise and assist on the selection of content and the creation of assignments. We love long-term safety planning and we’re here to help!

Question: How many drivers can be trained at one time? How many trainings are needed per month/quarter/year?

Answer: Our training is on a per user basis, rather than per course or per seat, meaning there are no restrictions on the amount of training a user can be assigned in a month, quarter or year. The key to safety training is frequency and consistency. We know that training needs vary by company, but we recommend monthly training. That’s the frequency which most of our successful clients schedule ongoing safety training, with orientation and corrective action assignments used as needed. We even have clients that assign training weekly, and their drivers get it done!

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