What Are You Doing with Your Past CDL Driver Leads?

Driver recruiters are often working – and re-working – with dozens of leads at a time. While recruiting in any sense requires a steady pace of engagement and communication, it is even more critical to stay on top of driver leads while they are in your funnel because of how stiff the competition is in the market for these qualified drivers.

Unfortunately, not all driver applicants work out the first time around. This doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) mean that the lead goes dark. Losing a driver applicant to a competitor means they move from active applicant to lead, which opens up an entirely new engagement strategy for CDL recruiters.

Continuing engagement with driver leads

For many recruiting teams, engaging with past driver leads means sending out a simple email a few times a year reminding the drivers of the opportunities available at your organization. There is often no value here for the driver, and these touchpoints can often go unread or even unnoticed.

Modern driver recruiters finally realize that the pool of previous driver leads – once seen as a ‘nice to reach out to once in a while’ pile of contacts – is a ripe collection of viable potential drivers ready for re-engagement. Understanding why drivers ‘went dark’ the first time around, tracking this data, and using it to send the right message to the correct drivers this time around can turn these once missed opportunities into new driver applicants all over again.

Building a proactive lead engagement strategy

With modern driver recruiting management solutions like DriverReach, recruiting teams can build proactive driver engagement strategies for every stage of the recruiting cycle, even after drivers have turned back from active prospects into leads. With DriverReach, your team can:

  • Access your entire database of driver leads in one place and see exactly when, where, and how the lead’s recruiting experience played out the first time around.
  • Automate drip nurture campaigns that provide valuable recruiting information and career opportunities to drivers when making the most sense for them in their lead life cycle.
  • Reach out to past leads through their preferred channels (email, text, etc.) to ensure they see your message the first time.
  • Leverage the information you gathered about your leads the first time around to accelerate recruiting timelines and avoid repetitive conversations.
  • Track and measure data from every lead engagement touchpoint to build an innovative, data-backed lead engagement strategy.

Re-engage past driver leads with DriverReach

New driver recruiting opportunities shouldn’t end just because a driver applicant is lost to a competitor. The industry is too fast-paced – and too connected – for these leads to be gone forever. Imagine a world where all of your lead engagement data is available in one place and where you can easily communicate with viable leads with the click of a button. This type of outreach strategy is available with DriverReach, the modern driver recruiting management solution.

You can learn more about DriverReach here.

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