When Was the Last Time You Applied to Your Own CDL Driver Job Posting?

It’s okay if you had to re-read this headline a few times. After all, why would you need to apply to your own job postings? Hear us out for a moment – if you want more applicants to apply to your job postings (and in this driver shortage, we’re betting you do) shouldn’t you have first-hand knowledge of what this application process entails? There are two different channels through which you should be testing your job application experience – online and via mobile. In this article, we’ll teach you how you should go about applying to your own job postings. 


The traditional channel of job applications, online postings, are still very relevant in today’s modern CDL recruiting industry. There are a few things recruiters should look for as they’re going through the online application process to ensure it’s streamlined and updated for the modern CDL driver applicant:

A straightforward website. When new driver applicants arrive on your website, they don’t want to spend a ton of time clicking around and looking for your actual application. Instead, you should have a straightforward description of your organization, the kind of work you do, and a clear CTA taking interested drivers to your application.  

A well-written job posting. Once applicants make it to your online job application, they should have a clear understanding of what they’re applying for. Spend the time and effort it takes to write a compelling job description. Don’t forget to include blurbs on the job benefits and your company culture. 

A quick follow-up process. Once a prospective driver submits an online application, they shouldn’t have to wait days or even weeks for a follow-up. Your team should be utilizing a back-end applicant tracking system to ensure nobody slips through the cracks. 


Astoundingly, only 30% of all employers have an easy way for applicants to apply to job postings through mobile channels. This means that hundreds of applications could be left on the table. As you’re going through your application experience on a mobile device, keep the following strategic updates in mind:

Single sign-on functionality. With so many drivers relying on mobile as their channel of choice for job applications, it makes sense that the process should be simpler and more efficient than the online version. With single sign-on, drivers can start or save their applications with a single click using their Google or Facebook account information. 

Text-message communication. While drivers are using their phones for job applications, communication is still the #1 use of a smartphone. Instead of emailing or calling mobile applicants, try texting them! You’ll be able to get through faster and ensure that your message is being received. Plus, texts are more likely to prompt a response than phone calls or emails. 

A mobile-first application process. Mobile applications are only going to become more popular, so if your mobile application process is lacking, now is the time to start padding your functionality. In order to be prepared for anything, make sure your entire application process, from the content to the forms to the follow-up, is mobile-optimized. This will ensure your applicants don’t run into any issues, no matter where they’re logging in from. 

As you’re evaluating your company’s job application process, take it a step further and actually apply. Identify areas of improvement, bugs, and pain points that drivers experience every time they apply. Be sure to take note of just how long it takes for your recruiting team to follow-up with your application so you can ensure your internal process is keeping up! (Tip: when you’re applying, use a personal email address so your recruiters will treat you as they would a qualified driver lead). 

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