Why a Mobile-First Application Experience Matters to CDL Driver Recruiters

As a modern CDL driver recruiter, you’ve most likely been hearing about the value of the mobile DOT application. While yes, it is true that 77% of Americans own a smartphone and that, as a collective group, Americans check said smartphones more than 8 billion times a day, it’s hard to know where to start.

Knowing that you should leverage mobile technology and actually putting said technology into action are two different things, and the latter definitely isn’t as easy as the former.

This article will examine the difference between mobile-first DOT application experiences and mobile-optimized ones and will delve into how your driver recruiting team can select the right mobile application solution for you.  

What does being ‘mobile-first’ mean?
When it comes to mobile technology, there are two terms that are generally used, ‘mobile-first’ and ‘mobile-optimized’. Looking at the term mobile-optimized, it’s easy to think that it means the best-quality mobile experience possible. Actually, it’s the opposite. A mobile-optimized platform (or website, or application, etc.) is actually something that was built originally for a generic web space and then optimized down the road to render on mobile. This means that while the modules are technically supposed to work for mobile users, they weren’t originally built that way so there is always going to be a little grey area.

Mobile-first, on the other hand, refers to an interface that was developed specifically with mobile usage in mind. Instead of adapting an online UX to a mobile environment, mobile-first applications are actually built for the mobile experience. Mobile-first applications offer seamless, 100% responsive solutions to mobile users, eliminating any issues or ‘technical difficulties’ that may occur when rendering a web-first piece of content.

At the most basic level, it comes down to being proactive vs. reactive. When you’re working with a DOT application or applicant tracking system, look for a solution that allows your team to deliver a proactive, mobile-first experience to your drivers. After all, why wait for something to happen (or for a driver to complain about a bad experience) and have to do a complete overhaul of your application process? Instead, start out on the right foot with a mobile-first application solution that actually works.

How to take your mobile application experience to the next level
For driver recruiters, the difference between a mobile-optimized and a mobile-first application can be a big one. First, there is the impact on the driver. Let’s say that a driver is completing an application via their smartphone. If just one module isn’t loading correctly, or something is rendering out of whack that prevents them from reading a section, it will likely result in the driver abandoning your application altogether.

When selecting a CDL application management system, look closely at the language used to describe potential mobile experiences. Phrases like ‘mobile optimized’ and ‘mobile friendly’ don’t mean what you want them to. It’s a subtle way of saying ‘while we do work on mobile, there may be some problems’.

Recruiting CDL drivers is no place to take chances, or to rely on software that isn’t going to do the job 100% of the time. For CDL driver recruiters, every single conversation and DOT application counts. There is no room for mobile issues or rendering problems. Drivers are looking for a seamless application experience, which is what you can deliver with DriverReach. 

DriverReach is the modern CDL recruiting platform that delivers a mobile-first application experience to drivers. With every single aspect of the recruiting experience accounted for and improved upon, DriverReach is the only answer for companies looking to thrive in today’s competitive environment. You can learn more about DriverReach’s mobile-first application here.


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