Why Do You Need an Applicant Tracking System for Your Driver Recruiting Team

Think about your current driver recruiting process as it stands right now. If you’re like most CDL driver recruiters, you’re probably working with multiple systems, multiple application channels, and multiple communication platforms. Your recruiters are most likely also juggling drivers and trying to deliver personal recruiting experiences to increase conversions. With so many moving parts, it’s no wonder critical details often slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, with such a high level of competition in today’s trucking industry, CDL driver recruiters can’t afford to lose any leads to competitors. Every single driver is an opportunity, and CDL driver recruiters need a way to ensure every opportunity is given the attention and experience they deserve.

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is the answer for recruiters across industries to manage and track incoming job candidates across the entire application process, from the initial conversation to ongoing record keeping. As the CDL industry has become more competitive and recruiters have begun to fight for every single applicant, having a modern ATS in place can help recruiters find, engage, and retain qualified applicants.

ATS’ also help recruiters across all industries:

  • Manage job postings and track incoming applications
  • Communicate and engage with qualified candidates
  • Keep tabs on all resumes and applicant notes
  • Target and refine recruiting strategies
  • Build data-backed applicant experiences

While CDL driver recruiters have need of all of these benefits, the trucking industry is pretty unique in many ways. It’s a highly-specialized, targeted industry that requires tailoring specifically to drivers, especially as the industry as a whole goes through an unprecedented driver shortage. Every driver applicant is now doubly important to recruiters, and because of this, many generic ATS solutions fall short in the eyes of CDL driver recruiters.

Why a CDL-specific solution is the right choice
In such a competitive field, ensuring the application process is tailored specifically to CDL drivers is a critical first step for recruiters. With a CDL-specific ATS in place, recruiters can ensure every application is built specifically for drivers, that all online applications are mobile-optimized, and that all critical company details (such as turnover rates and company values) are easily available on the website. When your audience is constantly on the road, you must make the process as seamless and time-efficient as possible. Modern ATS platforms make it easy to communicate and engage with drivers via text or video call instead of playing phone tag.

In the CDL industry, attracting and recruiting drivers is just the beginning – retaining drivers is another process altogether. A modern CDL-specific ATS helps build driver loyalty from the beginning by prioritizing personal, human interactions throughout the entire application and employment lifecycle. This means putting the driver first, always being transparent, and making ongoing certifications and compliance updates easy.  

Additionally, a CDL-specific ATS solution will also integrate with your other recruiting applications and industry-specific platforms. Recruiters no longer have to switch between a CRM or a background screening provider – all of this information is automatically pulled into an ATS for 100% visibility and accessibility. Recruiters can also import other data from email providers, back-end website analytics, and feedback surveys to build a holistic picture of the driver recruiting experience. This way, recruiters have a clear view of what is working well in the application process and what needs a little more work.  

Bonus checklist! 5 signs your team is ready for a modern ATS:

  1. You updated your website or changed your messaging and your online application rate started to steadily decline.
  2. Your recruiters didn’t know who was following up with a qualified applicant, and that particular driver ended up going dark.
  3. You’ve received complaints from drivers on the length, complexity, or technology of your initial application.
  4. Your internal processes, such as verifying drivers’ previous employment history, are taking too long and wasting too many internal resources.   
  5. You can’t see where leads are coming from, measure benchmarks, or make data-backed strategy decisions.

If your team is ready to take the next steps with a modern, CDL-specific ATS, DriverReach is the best way to get applicants through the recruiting process and on the road faster. Learn more – talk to a DriverReach specialist today!


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