Why the DriverReach Marketing Team Attended #INBOUND19 and 5 Takeaways

Those of us who work with or in the trucking industry knows it’s easy to get so focused on our current tasks and responsibilities that it can be difficult to find the time to step back and evaluate what’s working, what’s not, and what the future should look like. For DriverReach’s marketing team, the same holds true. That’s why 3 of our team members attended HubSpot’s INBOUND Conference last week in Boston. The conference, which attracted more than 25,000 top marketers and sales professionals from around the world, brought together 250+ thought leaders who led interactive sessions to help marketers “take their job by storm”. 

An Investment in Great Marketing is an Investment in YOU

You might be thinking, “Great, but what does that have to do with us, DriverReach’s customers, partners, and prospective customers?” In short, a LOT! At DriverReach, we spend a significant amount of time and resources on building the best modern Recruiting Management System for hiring CDL drivers. But that’s just a piece of the puzzle. As marketers, it’s our duty to distill information, to bring you the latest news across the mediums that you care about, and to personalize your experience with DriverReach. 

At the end of the day, great marketing isn’t about trying to sell you more products or services or features. It’s about connecting you to the value that DriverReach offers, and ensuring that you are equipped with the proper tools to be successful in your roles. 

So without further adieu, here are our 5 takeaways from HubSpot #INBOUND19, and why YOU should care!

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5 Takeaways From #INBOUND19 – and Why You Should Care

Takeaway #1: Friction free experiences make companies winners

Why you should care: Brian Halligan, CEO and Founder of HubSpot, shared with INBOUND attendees that, “friction free experience make companies winners”, and we couldn’t agree more. We believe that these experiences aren’t just limited to our product, either. If there are partnerships among all aspects of our company, it will only serve to enhance your experience across every interaction with marketing, sales, customer success, and so on. 

Takeaway #2: Diversity should be embraced and celebrated

Why you should care: DriverReach’s Founder and CEO, Jeremy Reymer, recently shared, “Developing a company culture that our team can be proud of is something we strive for each and every day at DriverReach. Culture impacts how we feel on our way to work, the meaning we put behind the work, and how we communicate with one another. Culture is what makes it possible for us to successfully run at the speed of light without running ourselves into the ground.”

Diversity is a major ingredient in the culture that we are building at DriverReach, which is good news for you! Building a cookie cutter company isn’t our mission. Rather, it’s to build the absolute best Recruiting Management System for hiring CDL drivers, period. The more diverse our employees, the better the outcome for everyone.

Takeaway #3: Constantly consider growth and scalability

Why you should care: We all know that growth is a process, but it should be – and is – part of our everyday discussions. Every team across DriverReach uses specific sets of data and analytics to measure progress as well as areas that need improvement. We use these metrics to strategize and plan, and we meet to discuss our growth and scalability on a regular basis. At DriverReach, this mindset means we’re constantly holding ourselves to a higher standard and are always thinking about our customers’ future needs – not just immediate needs. 

Takeaway #4: Create highly engaging, experiential content! 

Why you should care: Being WISE (Witty, Immersive, Shareable and Extraordinary) allows DriverReach to come across as approachable and real to those we interact with on a regular basis. We know from experience there’s nothing worse than reading boring blog material or sitting through vanilla webinars (right?!). We strive to constantly uplevel our content to create meaningful and engaging experience for our customers. But, we admit we have more work to do in this area, so buckle up and watch for some exciting new forms of experiential content in the future (be sure you follow us on LinkedIn)! 

Takeaway #5: Being authentic and transparent is what it’s all about! 

Why you should care: It’s no secret that as humans, we’re drawn to authenticity and transparency. At the end of the day, people like buying from companies that don’t try to hide anything and that are upfront and honest about their shortcomings and as well as the future roadmap. At DriverReach, we have been – and will continue to be – the first to let you know if something goes wrong, and our team members will do whatever it takes to make the situation right. 

Along the same line, we’ll also share behind the scenes stories, pictures, and videos to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be an employee working on the DriverReach team (spoiler alert: it’s a LOT of fun)! 

So there you have it  – our 5 biggest takeaways from #INBOUND19 – and how we’re applying them to help our experience with our system, our people, and our resources and tools be as helpful and human as possible. Have a suggestion? You’re always welcome to let us know what we can do to help improve your experience! Give us a shout here. 

Stay up to date on CDL trucking trends! Be sure to check out the DriverReach blog for other relevant articles and head over to our webinars page for an up-to-date list of upcoming events and on-demand recordings.

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