Will 2022 Bring New Driver Recruiting Trends?

Every year, without fail, industry thought leaders across the board release their ‘top trends’ lists of things to look forward to in the upcoming months. However, in an industry as complex and fast-paced as CDL driver recruiting, new trends are arising every month without waiting for the new year to roll around.

What could 2022 bring?

If your team is prepping for 2022, here are some things you might want to look forward to:

  • More applicants ‘just looking for more information’ instead of applying outright. 

Every industry, not just trucking, is on the lookout for new recruits. As unemployment benefits related to the stimulus disappear, thousands of potential drivers will look to re-join the workforce next year, and the trucking industry must be prepped and ready to attract these job seekers. Instead of just directing website visitors to ‘Apply Now,’ consider setting up a new form where people can get more information on what being a truck driver entails or even subscribe to your thought leadership content. Becoming an educational resource for these job seekers who aren’t familiar with the industry or your company can push your team ahead in recruiting potential.

  • A technology-first approach to recruiting. 

Digital platforms and solutions may have burst onto the scene a handful of years ago, but they aren’t going away - in fact, they’re becoming more pervasive across the industry. From large solutions like CRM or Applicant Tracking Systems to industry-specific platforms like the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse to new ways to leverage everyday tech like video calls or text messages, 2022 is poised to be the year where driver recruiting indeed becomes a tech-first industry.

  • Social media and thought leadership will continue to grow. 

In such a hot job market, potential drivers are looking everywhere for guidance to determine where they’re going to take their skills. Social media pages (both personal and corporate), job boards, industry forums, and even things like Reddit pages are becoming go-to resources for drivers to get unfiltered, straightforward information on job opportunities. Recruiters should look for new ways to leverage these channels and become trusted voices in the space for drivers.

The bottom line

The most significant trend to expect in 2022 is to expect the unexpected. Driver recruiters can expect plenty of ups and downs, which means you need to have the internal infrastructure and processes to support the sudden changes to come. Data-backed decision making, technology-fueled recruiting processes, and driver-first recruiting logic will (and should!) be top-of-mind for CDL driver recruiters.

You can learn more about optimizing your 2022 driver recruiting strategy here.


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